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MCE, the 42nd Congress Exhibition in Milan dedicated to living comfort

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It will be held from June 28 to July 1 42nd Edition of MCE Mostra Convegno Ex Comfort, a prestigious global business fair presenting the latest technologies in energy efficiency and air conditioning.

In this exhibition MCE presents The future of living comfort It fell in the building and construction, transport and infrastructure sectors. Twenty suites are present at the event, plus one Convention Center It is a privilege to hold meetings and discussions on the most advanced technologies designed to improve living comfort.

Section indoor climate Offering advanced, efficient and scalable systems, capable of ensuring enjoyable, safe and sustainable environments, with endless solutions to meet any need, from design to plant management.

Many companies will participate in MCE

Suggested solutions water solutionsof the highest quality and able to guarantee economy, cleanliness, efficiency and long life of the systems.

Completely innovative are also the necessary components to create any type of system offered by plant techniques. Advanced solutions allow you to create effective systems, from the simplest to the most complex, with high performance.

During the event, conferences, workshops and events dealing with topics related to the development of specific regions will be held. The novelty of this 42nd edition of MCE is that The exhibition is also digital Thanks to the platform, it will be possible to display the catalog with all the exhibiting companies, brands and products present both physically and online.

There will also be talks and Digital meeting rooms and program Online seminars and conferences In market news, to participate in the live broadcast or to review in On-demand mode.

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