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The derby goes to Hockey Rizzo Costruzioni and Castiglione takes fourth

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Rizzo Custruzione




RIZZO COSTRUZIONI: Vespi, Capuano Lorenzo, Bianchi, Baldesi, Benelli, Mugnai, Cappelli, Capuano Alberto, Matassa. Barbani flocks.

CGC VIAREGGIO: Spinetti, Sesti, Della Latta, Pampaloni, Lapeta, and Barsottelli. Viana herds.

Referee: D’Alessandro of Viareggio.

Scorers: 18’46” pt Mugnai, 21’04” Benelli, 24’07” Baldesi, 6’12” st Cappelli, 11’36” st Mugnai, 16’12” Capuano Lorenzo (live shot) , 18’49” Capuano Lorenzo, 19’55” Barsottelli, 22’22” Cappelli, 23’53” Capuano Alberto, 24’51” Mugnai.

It’s all easy for Rizzo Construction hockey in the men’s Serie B Tuscan derby against Centro Giovani Calciatori Viareggio. Barbani (pictured Vespi) wins 10-1 at PalaRogai against the back of the group and flies to 10 points, achieving a third success in the competition. A victory worthy of fourth place and connection to Castiglione, just two lengths from the lowest rung of the podium occupied by Pumas Viareggio. The Woolmen concluded the discussion with three points already at the end of the first half with goals from Mugnai, Benelli and Baldisi. On their return to the track, they scored four more goals with Capelli and Mognai and two goals from Lorenzo Capuano, taking the score to 7-0. Here comes the only guest who starts with Barsotelli’s goal of the flag. In the final Capelli, Alberto Capuano and Mugnai again closed the final 10-1 accounts.


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