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“Worse than a horror movie”

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Alfonso SignoriniAnd the Julia Salemi And the Pier Paolo Pritelli. Trio that people Tik Tok He will never tire of looking, but to a point. conductor Big Brother VIP Who enjoys Holiday Christmas, before returning to lead the reality show channel 5, trying to enter a world Generation Z Trying to make better use of social networks, in particular Tik Tokthe Chinese platform that drives young people crazy.

Alfonso Signorini, Gf Vip’s sexy slip-up: “Uh…but was that a secret?”

Do you marry Giulia Salemi and Pierpaolo Pretelli? Marriage proposal video (fake)

Giulia Salemi, her speech to Montechitorio: “Violence against women must be fought every day”

what happened

Alfonso SignorinYou have created an account Tik Tok Thanks for the help.Withdraw(Giulia Salemi and Pierpaolo Pretelli) are starting to get more knowledge, thus creating content in perfect harmony with the rest of the videos in the app. However, it divided one of the last fans: those who kept applauding the leader and those who didn’t appreciate the post at all.

Signorini chose one of the singer’s raps mambulusque He became famous within the social network and turned into a singer in the Gen Z In hat and glasses with a special participation of Julia Salemi who participated in sexy twerks. “What I see, please erase my memory,” someone wrote. Another person wrote sarcastically: “I’ve never seen anything worse, better, than a horror movie.”

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@employee Young Signorini 😎 #for you #mambulusko # Alfonso Signorini #behind the scenes ♬ I’m Not Enjoying It – DJ Matrix & Clementino & Danti

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