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Sampdoria, Lana: «Salvation in advance. I’m not an honorary president.”

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Sampdoria president Lana spoke about the goals he set for Sampdoria

Marco LanaPresident Sampdoria, he evaluated the battle not to be relegated to the second division, the club’s future and the past. his words Gazzetta dello sport.

Rome“My heart always beats for Sampdoria, even if I remember the Roman seasons with great affection, for me it is a period of great growth. It was 1993, I was 25, and for the first time I was leaving home. Rome and Rome made me grow human and sporting in a club where I live in a profound way. Strange feeling. Roma resumed racing after the derby, but it is a very important match for us as well.”.

Mantovani“For me he was the second father. He gave me great confidence as a child, and took on a great responsibility that I tried to pay off on the pitch. I came from Primavera, and I had totems like Luca Pellegrini, Manini and Virsovud, one of Italy’s strongest defenses. There was talk of me being transferred to Foggia, but he was against it. He was decisive in that group created by Paolo Mantovani. Thanks to them, many of us have succeeded in football and in life “.

presidency“I just needed to know what would happen. For me, Sampdoria is Sampdoria. But I am not an emeritus, I have almost all the agents and many responsibilities. The heart immediately said yes, the rational part said: ‘Educate yourself first.’ I like working in difficulties, in In 2002 I came back to play here when there was a danger of relegation to C.”

targeting“I’m trying to be. At first the goal was to bring Sampdoria into economic savings in May, waiting to sell. I think we’ll get to the end, I hope Sampdoria wins redemption early. It will also help on the other front … ».

Read the full interview on SAMP NEWS 24

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