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Maybe something new is coming –

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There are now many indications that Square Enix is ​​about to be announced something new About Final Fantasy 9, the beloved chapter of the saga, which was originally released on PSX. This has been something that has been moving clear for some time, at least since November.

At the time, one of the game’s designers, Kazuhiko Aoki, hinted that news regarding the beloved Japanese RPG might arrive soon. At least that’s how his comment posted on the PlayStation Blog to launch the original game on PlayStation Now was interpreted.

There are now other signs pointing in the same direction. Meanwhile, there was a recent data theft in GeForce Now, as there was talk of a Final Fantasy 9 remake. Looking at a lot of other information stolen, it turned out to be legitimate, like the one in Kingdom Hearts 4 and beyond. PlayStation titles for PC, many believe that too.

In addition, Square Enix has re-released the game’s video on Youtubereleased a vinyl soundtrack and announced the animated series, which shows a lot of action around Final Fantasy IX.

Of course, it’s always possible that it’s all a coincidence, but at this point it’s also fair to believe in it a bit.

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