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If you have a bad habit of going to the bathroom with your smartphone, you need to know these things!

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He almost never separates us from his smartphone. We take it with us everywhere, even to the bathroom. Usually it is probably best to avoid it. We explain the reasons

The bad habit of going to the bathroom with your smartphone

Smartphone obsessionan apt definition for those who use their mobile phones everywhere and at different times of the day, even when these electronic devices, a symbol of modernity, must be stored elsewhere.

A survey by Counterpoint Research, published by Il Sole24Ore, shows that on a global scale, More than one in four people (about 26%) use their smartphone for an average of 7 hours a day. Similar percentages of usage are found to range from 3 to 5 hours or from 1 to 3. Only 4% use it for less than an hour a day, which is another indication of how few can now separate themselves from that which can be considered indispensable company

Smartphone use It takes the form of various activitiesto. Browsing the web and playing games are the predominant elements and it is accompanied by the use of messaging applications, consultation of emails or other actions such as updating the device.

Smartphone use in the bathroom so why should we avoid it

We never separate ourselves from our smartphones to the point where it has now become a habit for many Also take her to the bathroom When we go to the toilet to meet our physiological needs. The latter is a practice that must be limited, because it can lead to “side” effects of no small importance, which can spoil or undermine the procedure we are about to perform in the bathroom.

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For example, using a mobile phone while defecating It can lengthen the time we spend on the toilet a bit. Distract yourself between apps and games e Then he sits on the toilet For a longer period of time than really necessary can interfere with Our body’s ability to completely empty itselfThe result of excessive contraction of the muscles of the anus and intestines, which are thus conditioned by their functions.

It’s not a good idea to use your smartphone on the way to the bathroom

Inevitably, even in the bathroom, we will use our smartphones to consult our social media boards, thus putting ourselves at risk of exposing ourselves to negative news and sensitive content capable of Anxiety, stress and anxietyrecent conditions that can affect regular defecation.

The bathroom and toilet can also be unsanitary places with the risk of exposing our smartphone to them bacterial contamination and dirt, It can also be transferred in other environments and surfaces.

Other habits are better

The aforementioned issues confirm how to take a smartphone to the bathroom and keep using it constantly It is usually unhealthy With potential negative effects on our physical and mental health.

In a necessary and daily procedure for our body, it is important to limit as much as possible distractions and other actions that can limit the regular functioning of the intestines and other organs responsible for defecation.

Using a smartphone in the toilet

Therefore, it is better to devote yourself to reading, to scrutinizing what is outside the window, or to quiet reflection, driving away bad thoughts. And the smartphone? We always have time to restore it to use it again more than before.

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