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“Maybe I will do this in life”

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Ignazio Moser, on the occasion of the Venice Film Festival, announced that he is ready for his debut as an actor.

Ignazio Moser Getting ready to work in his country first movieas announced in Venice Film Festival.

Venezia 79, representative of Ignazio Moser: “I will do it to the best of my ability”

mark The 79th Exhibition of the Venice Film FestivalAnd the Ignazio MoserWhich was not accompanied by this beautiful year Cecilia Rodriguez – With whomever has always intended to start a family -, He announced that the doors of the world of cinema are about to open for him. Ignatiusin fact, he had already mentioned that he was working on an important project, but his fans would certainly never have imagined that he was referring to An exciting new career.

During a press conference held in the Lagoon City on the occasion of the Film Festival, The son of cycling champion Francesco Moser talks about his first movie. together with Moser Jr There was also the director, producers, and other actors who were part of the cast.

Effective way, Former Givino’s secret dream has always been to act in a movie. Currently, Ignazio is about to make it happenAnd, therefore, he could not help but thank those who gave him this opportunity, willing to do their best.

For the film in question, The son-in-law of Belen and Jeremias Rodriguez will replace former footballer LorenzoWho does not have an easy time in his life. In addition to, As explained by Moser JrAnd the Love will also bloom – but PlatonicTo the joy of the most jealous orator – Between Lorenzo and a girl named Roberta.

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On Instagram, as soon as the news reached the public domain, the rising actor wrote:

I don’t think I’ll ever be an actor in life…or maybe yes… But why not live a powerful and unique experience like this? Only a fool wouldn’t agree to at least try. Or maybe it was just an idiot who would do it but I decided it now I will do it and I will do it to the best of my ability.

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