September 26, 2023

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Matrix Resurrections, Co-Writer: “It’s Not Another Supplement”

recently arrived The New Official Matrix Resurrections Poster, whose release was very soon. Waiting fans are hoping to see more of the movie, and discover new plot details soon. Co-writer David Mitchell talked about this, and he talked about The links between the resurrection and the trilogy of the matrix.

According to the co-writer, there are clever references to the original trilogy, without compulsion or nostalgia. “I can’t tell you what the movie is about, but I can tell you what it isn’t,” Mitchell told To Vima. “It’s definitely not another sequel, but it’s something like that independent which contains by itself the three matrices The one that preceded it, in a really witty way. It is a very beautiful and strange creation. There are also some elements that we don’t see in action movies, which means that it breaks the rules of blockbuster movies. “One thing that doesn’t surprise us, given that Lana Wachowski is directing, which she would never have made. The ‘easy’ movie is full of Easter eggs and ‘warm’ lines of dialogue.”

Something will come back, though, I’m sure Characters. First of all, Neo by Keanu Reeves, who as we can imagine will be sent back to alternate reality after eighteen years of life as an ordinary boy. It must have been a serendipitous encounter with Carrie-Anne Moss’s trinity that drives this thing. In the movie there will be a third (half) comeback: in fact we will New Morpheus. New because to take on the role of the character there will be no Lawrence Fishburne but Yahya Abdul-Mateen II who will bring about a major change in Morpheus.

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Matrix Resurrections will arrive in Italian cinemas starting from From January 1, 2022.