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Pfslovit, Pfizer’s anti – govt pill approved in Canada

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Pfslovit, Pfizer’s anti – govt pill approved in Canada

Recognized in Paxlovit, Canada Pfizer’s anti-govt pill. The Federal Agency for Health Canada announced the market today, January 17, 2022 Per Emergency use.

Paxlovit, anti-Govt pill approved in Canada

“I do not know Treatments Against Govt, as well as vaccinations and public safety measures are needed to save lives, reduce cases and free hospitals “, Said Theresa Tham, A Canadian public health officer.

According to a Global News report, a Pfizer Spokesman The pharmaceutical company is said to be ready to send Paxlovir to Canada immediately. This time The shares are limited But the federal officials in charge are handling and managing the distribution of the Govit tablet.

Foxlovit: Recognized in Canada

Cardiologist and epidemiologist Tatar Chrysoper Lapos Anti-Govt pills can control the spread of the virus and reduce its effects, but they do not solve the upstream problem. ‚ÄúThese drugs are simply Treatment for the disease However, they did not prevent new outbreaks of the vaccine. “, Said Labos.

Before the announcement of Paxlovid approval in the capital Canada Ottawa He had already given permission The other four treatments Against Corona virusHowever, it must be administered intravenously, so it is more complicated to manage.

Foxlovit approved in Canada, how the tablet works

The Govt-positive adults 18 years and older Those with mild and moderate symptoms, who are at risk for serious complications, they can infer Paxlovit de Pfizer Under medical prescription. Medicine, contains Two tablets, It should be taken within the first five days of the onset of symptoms, after which the patient can be treated at home.

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Pfizer has one on the tablet Synthesis molecule It inhibits the protease component of the virus. By preventing its proteins from maturing, it prevents their regeneration and proliferation, preventing them from entering the cells. What is this for Then Paxlovit? This helps to prevent worsening of the symptoms associated with the disease and prevent it from being admitted to the hospital, and it quickly reverses from the virus.

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