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Mastiff “Sapiens” long. Lesson learned, Varese smashes Linke 5-2 and cruises up to 2-1 in the series

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diverse – Lesson learned: Mastini struggles against an always excellent team like Pergine, but unlike Game 2, they strike at the right moments and HCMV Varese Hockey can celebrate a 5-2 win over Linque in their Acinque Ice Arena projects the Gialonieri lead 2-1 in The Series (same as Caldaro Appiano’s set after Pirata’s 1-3 win over Lucci)

Unlike the previous two challenges, Pergine certainly doesn’t start out slow. The first minutes are playful and balanced, and it is the Lynxes that opens the match with the tracker left for the central streets of Sanvido. Yellow and black instant reaction: Piccinelli fireball and Piroso’s 1-1 deflection. Mastiff persists and comes close to doubling down on several occasions without being able to find the cage; The feat that Franchini succeeds in with authentic magic gives the Mastiffs 2-1 at the first whistle.

Softer rhythms in the second straight with the challenge coming alive in the final: a few seconds’ strong play of the Mastiffs and Vanetti defines the set, but on the restart Pergine is lethal and Foltin brings the gap back to -1. The third period is the decisive one: many penalties in the first minutes but no one exploits them until, after a slip by Rigoni in a change of direction, Marcello Borghi (MVP) hits him with a central fireball. Pergine swerves and the Mastiffs hit: Franchini counterattack and an easy serve by Michael Mazzacani who just has to push inside the 5-2. Appointment on Saturday evening at 20.00 in Bergen: Mastiff will try to close the series, but woe to the Lynx kill.

The first period is 2-1

7.55 p.m -“Burn it completelyBy Nickelback at the Acinque Ice Arena: Teams on the ice to warm up.

8.15pm – players earn locker rooms; Roll on the ice.

8.24 p.m – The lights are off! Everyone is ready to announce that the Mastiff has entered the field

20.31 – employment! Puck is raised and put on by Sheena: Yellow and Black Possession.

Drolet and Franchini don’t immediately have a ball but Pergine closes up and tries to start the counterattack; Secret Intervention by Belloni. Tellaro tries from the right, but Rigoni stuns and lights the first engagement in Raimondi’s attack; Eric Mazacagne tried from the blue and confidently dismissed Rigoni, while on the other side Birla made the first tackle of the evening on a Rivo shot. Fun match: Franchini anticipates an opponent and keeps the puck alive by running Drolet who loses the moment at the end; Belloni tries out of the blue, Rigoni widens the shaft and refuses. Desautels supervise the line, but Perla and Schina come to the rescue. Pergine accelerates and Perla has to come to the rescue: a furious scuffle in the next encounter and a counterattack by Franchini who is blocked by Rigoni’s foot. Franchini himself, in the fall, performs a real miracle by serving Raimondi who missed the goal from close range. costly error: The Discus comes out of a dispute on the railing and Sanvido shoots the Discus Lead into the Cage on Central Streets (7’52”). A blow that a mastiff does not accuse: Piccinelli out of the blue unloads a fireball that is deflected by Perroso (and possibly by a defender) as he catches Rigoni off guard (8’23”). To feel the blow is Pergine who immediately risks a restart: Michael Mazzacane tries to serve Franchini who doesn’t hook and, shortly after, Rigonisi dives into a contested puck in the scrum. Tilaro tries on the outside, Rigoni is there and repeats himself shortly after on Drolet. Bergen backs off and Vanetti tries with a great personal work that hits the red-and-white goalkeeper on two runs. Occasionally 6′ from the siren: Raimondi tries, bounces by Cordiano and Rigoni miraculously saves himself with the puck touching the inside post and Franza throws it away. On the other hand, there is a battle between Flessati and Erik Mazzacane: five minutes each, 5vs5 remaining. It starts again and Piccinelli immediately tries to find only the staple from Rigoni; The opposing goalkeeper always repeats himself on the D Chevrolet and Marcello Borghi never frames the cage from an isolated position. Magic is needed and magic arrives: Franchini appears to lose the puck behind the cage, but retrieves it and flanks the section, pretending to run wide and instead unloading a mad tracker who slams the post and scores 2-1 (16min 18in). A charge from the Drolet stops a potential counter-attack by Varese and owes the Mastiff the first PK of the evening; Or rather it would have been, but Foltyn delays the match and takes his turn on the penalty bench. Desautels holds the puck for at least 25 inches, Bergin loses his measure but the Canadian doesn’t see the cage. The first period ends at 2-1: the second half will start with 13″ of 4v4 and Varese will then have 2″ of the powerplay.

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The second period is 1-1

21.19 – The teams returned to the ice.

21.21 – employment! The first red and white disc.

Blocked tackle and tackle in the attacking area: We start over and immediately go back to 5vs5 with Michael Mazzacane not being able to touch the puck. Rigoni is forced to go into overtime on “Doc’s” second score, and continuing on, Pergne stays on four for Gamper’s fumble. Desautels immediately runs into the red-and-white goalkeeper who also pins Schina’s fireball from a good position. PK unharmed by Bergin who attempts a counterattack with Meneghini being closed down by Perla and Foltin progressively caught by Marcello Borghi. Foltin himself is very dangerous in the following actions, but he does not frame the cage from a very good position. On an unfortunate rebound at the height of the defensive blue, Michael Mazzacane pushed Franza and Felicati pushed the puck into the cage but not by pointing; The network is rightfully canceled. The Mastiffs return with Marcello Borghi shooting wide of the net while Raimondi blasted on the usual Rigoni. A furious mix-up in front of Rigoni that Pergine managed to solve with a restart, but the yellow and black defend well. Franza falls asleep on the blue and is forced to put Vanity Down: the Mastiffs 4′ powerplay from the end. It only takes a few seconds: Chevrolet pretends to roll around the cage, but immediately backs up Vanity who crashes into the grille (16’18”). The joy that doesn’t last long as Bergin immediately makes it clear that he knows how to react: Sanvido Foltin serves on Central Streets and is 3-2 (16’55”). Andreotti would have conceded the equaliser, but Perla is there. He turns up front and D Chevrolet tries to repeat the goal assist, but Franchini doesn’t frame the goal. Rigoni’s miracle in Marcello Borghi’s and Andreotti’s counter-attack was sealed off by Perla. In the second interval, the Mastiffs lead 3-2.

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Third period 2-0

22.08 – back on the ice for the third dribble.

10.10 pm – employment! Lynx disc.

But the first pitch belongs to Mastiff with Piroso; There is no one to bounce back. Franchini invents a contracted Drolet at the moment of hammering and nails Rigoni to the ground. Valorz’s stick shot and yellow-black power play with Rigoni immediately catching Desautels’ torpedo. 28″ From the end of the numerical advantage, Mastiffs pay for too many men on the ice and Cordiano serves the punishment: Mastiffs will soon have to suffer. Pergine expertly waits 4vs5 and throws himself into the attack, but Perla immediately proves Becker’s conclusion by repeating himself on the same opponent 7″ from the end of the PK. An offensive clash for Linke’s team with Derolette, who immediately sweeps away and hits Meneghini Cordiano to sit on the penalty bench. Hounds quickly punish: Pinch right by Marcello Borghi who sees Rigoni stumble in a change of direction and sends chills to a central fireball (47’39”). Franchini keeps the puck alive on the blue, but Rigoni is amazing at raising his hand and later blocking it. Borgin’s moment of difficulty, and this time, unlike in Race 2, he hit the Mastiff: A counter-attack by Franchini who is waiting for the right moment to serve Michael Mazzacane who only has to back up the 5-2 in the cage (12’58”). After minutes of control with the now looking resigned Pergine: Mastiff closing in at 6-2 as you enter the last 2′ ahead by three. A silly penalty kick from Cordiano and Bergin could border on a numerical advantage: Perla double saves Meneghini within seconds and the game ends 5-2 for the Mastiffs who put their heads back in the series. The yellow and black are expected to arrive in Bergen on Saturday night to try to qualify for the final series.

HCMV VARESE HOCKEY – Bergen 5-2 (2-1 – 1-1 – 1-0)
HCMV Varese Hockey
: perl (mordent); Schina, Desautels, Piroso, Vanetti, Marcello Borghi; Piccinelli, Garber, Michael Mazzacane, Franchini, Drolet; Eric Mazagan, Belloni, Cordiano, Tellaro, Raimondi; Alifato, Prevertera, Udoni, Pietro Borghi. trainer: Claude Davies
Two towers: Rigoni (Zanella); Franza, Jumper, Vallors, Sanvido, Voltine; Ambrosi, Gezou, Felicati, Andreotti, Pettito; Becker, Revue, Meneghini, Filliotti, Muslin; Marano. trainer: Andrew Ambrose
the reviewer: Fabio Lautaroli, Willy Vinicio Vulcan (Alexander Petrov, Simone Vignolo)
Targets: 7’52 ” (P) Sanvido; 8’23” (HCMV) heartburn (Piccinelli); 16’18” (HCMV) Franchini (Drollet); 36’18” (HCMV) Vanity (Druel, Marcello Borghi); 36’55” (p) Voltine (Sanvido, Meneghini); 47’39” (HCMV) Marcello Borghi PP1 (Drollet); 52’58” (HCMV) Michael Mazacagne Follow Favorite


Hcmv Varese (1)
– Two towers (0) 3-2
Calitern (1) – IBAN (0) 3-1

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Race 2
Two Towers (1)
– HCMV Varese (1) 5-4OT
IBAN (0) – Caldaro (2) 1-3

Hcmv Varese (2)
– Two towers (1) 5-2
Caldaro (2) – Iban (1) 1-3

Possible race 4
Bergen – HCMV Varese (Saturday 25 March at 20.00)
Iban – Caltern (Saturday 25 March at 19.30)

potential competition 5
HCMV Varese – Brgen (Tuesday 28 March at 20.30)
Caldaro – IBAN (Tuesday 28 March at 20.30)

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