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Massimo Ferrero Football Released: Former Sampdoria Patron Will Bring Christmas At Home

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Massimo Ferrero He’s going to spend Christmas at home: after he’s finally caught December 6 led to imprisonment San Vitor, the former patron of Sampdoria requested and received permission to spend Christmas with his family in Rome. A Sampdoria pastor has been arrested for corporate crime and bankruptcy as part of an investigation by the attorney general in Paola (Cosenza).

Request attenuation Extent of detention in prison for the resigned president of Sampdoria in the Court of Review in catanzaro: There was a request for at least house arrest, which would have allowed Ferrero to spend Christmas with his family in Rome. So it will be. He left San Vittore prison in Milan after accepting the request of his lawyer, Luca Ponti and Pina Tinga


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Judge reports South Newspaper. He confirmed the situational picture but decided to apply a less painful precautionary measure for “viperetta” in light of 70 years.

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