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Football, Pedavina depends on coach Luca Testa

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Dali Sassi, Mr. Luca Testa and Nicola Zanella

Former coach Nicolas Zanella became vice president


One goal in the lead: trying to play a great tournament. Regardless of whether it is a third or second order, depending on whether or not you have to request a replay and the final decision of the club.

Pedavena aims to raise the bar and after company reinforcements he chose Luca Testa as the number to entrust him to the bench. He just won second at Arsiè, where he chose not to stay. And now he will lead Giallobl in Season Two for the reborn Feltri team. In fact, it takes the place vacated by Nicola Zanella, who became the vice president.


“His talents are indisputable,” explains the club, who is new to a good third league championship, but is doomed to wait for his future after losing both the playoff final and the cup final. “We want to achieve something important.”

For this reason, Pedavena has focused firmly on one of the most sought after coaches on the regional scene. Already a winner on two Class II occasions, and a connoisseur of first class perpetually in Arsiè’s time, Arsedese’s bench was surprisingly little left, despite a well-deserved promotion and a large margin compared to the second ranked and the rest of the teams in the group. An option, however, is also driven by questions of personal obligations. And if Politi takes his place at Arsiè, Testa will be out for a few days.

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We remember that Pedavena has already moved some important pawns on the chessboard in the company’s organizational chart.

A little over a week and a half after the disappointment of the final defeat to Juventus, the arrival of Massimo Agno and Mario Dal Soler has taken on the hallmarks of official authority. The first will be the technical director of the youth sector that is about to emerge, while expert Dal Soler will be part of the board of directors. Moreover, as mentioned, the position of vice president assigned to Zanella should be noted. There may be something else moving in the next few days.

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