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Mascagni Prize 2021, Wins the Opocrin of Modena – Our Initiatives

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Bologna, November 12, 2021 – it is Pharmaceutical company Opocrin, which is based in Formigine (Modena), winner of Mascagni Prize 2021Recognition arrived in the tenth edition. To receive the award from the hands of the Director of Resto del Carlino Michel Brambilla – The Awards Ceremony was held at Sala Biagi Headquarters in Via Mate 106 – by the President of Confindustria Emilia Walter Kayumi and by the widow of architect Paolo Mascani Elena Zaccheroli, was the CEO of Opocrin, Federico City. “I make a suggestion: we inform ourselves as little as possible on social networks, and They believe a little more in science. Regardless of the pharmaceutical companies. The truth of doctors, science, and statements that science verifies, not statements that someone else invents.”

Mascagni Prize 2021, awarded to the winner (Futoshichi)

The winning company has Incredible story: In 2007 its turnover amounted to 15 million euros, and this year it reached 204.6 million euros. Unexpected prize We work for results, not rewards. We were born into the production of active ingredients, our specialty is Heparin and its derivatives – Saite explained – which are used in Corona virus disease treatment. With the acquisition this year, we’ve also become a pharmaceutical company.” Kayumi praised: “I’m really happy that companies like yours – said the president to Saetti – can achieve results like this. It’s not a question of numbers nor quality, all the companies that participated are great. But today you are the winner.”

A lot of them Cheers to everyone during the event, Packed Biagi’s room, to calm down Resto del Carlino Deputy Director, Valerio Baroncini. On the other hand, Michelle Brambilla emphasized one particular theme: “This award explains very well that entrepreneurs are often motivated by the desire to leave something that everyone can use. You obviously have to win – emphasized the director by QN and Resto del Carlino – but I think so To be an entrepreneur these days, you need a lot of courage. It must be clearly stated that company is first and foremost a social subject, only after an economic subject, profit from charity is important. But this year’s award should give us confidence, because we saw how Our lands responded to Covid. Before Covid, Italy was a frustrated country, the blow to which it received provoked a reaction. I was saddened by the mud that is cast on our pharmaceutical industry – Brambella was added -, I saw one lack of gratitude By many towards those who in recent months have made vaccines, made breathing helmets, and studied drugs to treat the virus.”

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Mascagni Prize 2021, thirty-two entrants, here they are: Af Frigo, Brain, Cams, Deep Vision, Consulting, Deltacommerce, DNA, Eggtronic, Fervi, Industria Italiana Autobus, Intersurgical Mecca, LB Officineniche, Masi, Conditioners, Motori Minarelli, Mysible, Opocrin (winner), Proxaut, Rovinalti, Saiet Telecomunicazioni , test, TM, Krifi Coffee Roasting, Vaccari Mauro, Viaggi Salvadori, Vsystem, 24 Bottles, Borbonese, Giulio Barbieri, LAM, Mix, Safim, Schiassi Box Factory, Vibolt.

All previous edition winners: Faac (ex aequo) 2012 with Reglass (ex aequo), 1st edition – Nutraceutica 2013, 2nd edition – Elettrostamperie Poppi 2014, 3rd edition – Easysnap Technology 2015, 4th edition – Meccanica Vecchiatti 2016, 5th edition – Sit società italiana tecnospazzole 2017, 6th edition – Pelliconi 2018, 7th edition – Vis hydraulics 2019, 8th edition – Casoni Winery 2020, Non-Opocrin 2021, 10th edition.

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