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Marta Mazzocchi (wrestlers) in blue –

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A great date for Women’s National Ice Hockey Teamwhich will start tomorrow in Suwon, South Korea, at World Cup for the second group of the first degree. The Azzurri will face South Korea, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Slovenia and Poland.

Coached by coach Massimo Federizzi, the girls left six days ago for Suwon, to get used to the time zone and thus get to the world date in the best possible way, which will see them debut against hosts South Korea (12:15 local time). After securing the bronze medal last year, the goal this year was to get promoted to Group A, which has been absent since 2018.

We’ve got what it takes to do very well – explains captain Carola Salita – we’ve arrived very early, to acclimatize better and get to know the place and the ice. The roster base hasn’t changed compared to last year, but we have five or six new entries, some of them cup players. World Under-18s in Renon a few months ago: In general, we can count on a good mix of youngsters and veterans.I expect a very balanced tournament, because all teams can be formidable: tomorrow the first game against South Korea will be already a very difficult game, but Also watch out for Great Britain, who are newly promoted and might falter a bit. What we do know is that in a tournament like this, where only one team gets promoted, you can’t go wrong.”

There is great enthusiasm among the Azzurri who want to start laying the foundations for what will be the team that will play in the Italian Olympic Games 2026 in the future. All matches can be watched live at this link:

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Martha Mazzocchi

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Goalkeepers: Peony Elisa (HC Real Torino / HC Ambrì Piotta Girls), FEDEL Martina (University of Guelph), GIRARDI Ilaria (Neumarkt / Egna)

Defenders: BETTARINI Valentina (EV Bozen 84), LOBIS Laura (SV Kalterer / HC Ambrì Piotta Girls), MAIER Nadia (HC Appiano / EHC Zunzgen-Sissach Damen), MATTIVI Nadia (HC Pinè / Boston Univ.), RINDONE Emma (EV Bozen 84 ), ROHREGGER Saskia (SV Kalterer), STOCKER Franziska (EV Bozen 84 / Södertälje SK), VARANO Amie Fielding (EV Bozen 84)

Immigrants: ABATANGELO Aurora Enrica (EV Bozen 84 / Ladies Team Lugano), CAMPO BAGATIN Mia (AHC Dobbiaco / HC Alleghe), CAUMO Anna (HC Pustertal Junior / Univ. of Maine), FANTIN Matilde (HC Lugano), FURLANI Chelsea Marie (EV Bozen 84), Jess Samantha (EV Bozen 84 / SV Kalterer), Heidenberger Manuela (EV Bozen 84), Larger Beatrix (AHC Lakers), Mazuki Marta (HC Aosta Gladiators / Newark Ironbound), NICCOLAI Piotta (Hockey Como / HC Ambrìotta Girls) , ROCCELLA Rebecca (HC Real Torino / HC Ambrì Piotta Girls), SALETTA Carola (HC Feminin Lausanne)

Reserves at home:
Beautiful Sarah, Ostuni Margherita, Queen Carlotta
Defenders: By Rick Mara, Moro Agata, and Toma Greta
Attackers: Bonafini Eleonora, Calovini Anna, Seregini Emma, ​​Giuliani Annalisa, Canibelli Sara, Meyer Lea, Perathoner Elena, Rossella Sharon, Weber Alessandra

Program (Italian scales)

17.04 h. 12:15
South Korea – Italy

18.04 h. 08:45
Italy – Great Britain

20.04, h. 08:45
Italy – Kazakhstan

22.04 h. 05:15
Italy – Slovenia

23.04 h. 12:15
Poland – Italy

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