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By Roberto Meana, Allegiant Hockey Spokesperson

Alleghe Hockey Club officially announces player TOBIAS MORODER for the 2023/2024 season. Forward born in 2002 from Ortisei, 179 cm x 78 kg, from Gardëina where he grew up playing hockey. He made 138 first-team appearances for Val Gardena, almost all of them in the Alps, backed up by 5 goals and 7 assists. These are Tobias’s first words as a red-and-white player: “After almost five years with Gardena in the Alps, it’s time for a change and a new challenge in my career. So I decided to come and play in Alleghe, both for the club’s hockey history and also to sign the Vinatzer brothers command.” Which definitely influenced my decision. I think the management did a great job this year to create a competitive team that is able to enjoy a good season. I expect a lot from this tournament, because I see a high quality team. I will always do my best to help my teammates and try to bring the experience I gained in the mountains Alpine. In my career I’ve played several times against Allegg and it’s always been very good and difficult games. Personally, I don’t know anyone about the new team, except for the Vinitzer brothers. Last year I played two games against coach Scapinello and this year I can’t wait to play with him in Allegg.”

(Photo by Andreas Senoner)


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