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Marking and hiding the Nike logo with one hand

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Protest against Nike by scoring a goal. Jonathan David spoke of the disappointment of his countrymen, expressing his disappointment with the popular brand associated with the sport through gestures. Two days ago, it happened in a friendly match Canada and Qatar We have to prepare for the World Cup which will be held in November.

Canada beat England to host the next World Cup. Two goals in the first quarter of an hour: a winning shot from the Club Brugge striker Cyle Laurin Adegukbe’s assist and an immediate double from Lille, one of the stars of the national team Jonathan David, Alphonsa Davies’ touch was easy for him to reiterate at the net. A race and ending that no longer changes until the nineties.

So the general tests are positive for Canada, but with a pinch of controversy. Jonathan David, after the goal, passed behind the opponent’s goal, waited a few seconds and continued his joy. Includes Nike logo is on his shirt. For what reason?

After failing to qualify for the group stage of the World Cup, it’s hard to imagine the national team’s players not being bundled up with this kit. 36 years. David himself contributed immensely to the cause by becoming one of the co-protagonists 9 goals and 7 assists Out of 18 qualifying matches played; Star Alphonso Davies was absent with heart problems and carried Canada when he reached altitude 20 out of 30 goals Matches with his national team.

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However, this unusual event sparked controversy. Canada has not played in a World Cup since 1986 And this will be the second time in its history. This left the players and fans disappointed Failed to create new collection To be shown in the tournament in Qatar. Canada is the only national team not to wear new uniforms.

A decision that many players disagreed with. The first assistant teacher had also spoken about it Sam Adekukbe to do Athletic: “I’m not a fan to be honest […] I think every team should have a new World Cup kit because it’s such a symbolic event. I don’t hate it, but it’s something I would appreciate if I had a new kit“.

Samuel Adekukbe

Canada v Curacao – International Friendly / Socrates Images / Getty Images

and Jonathan David, dressing up with Lily A new balance And it’s sponsored Adidas (Notice the gloves in the video of the celebration), and wanted to underline it in front of the cameras. Nike Football’s answer to the question is: “While the Canada 2022 kit will be similar to what the team wore last year, Canada is on a different kit development cycle. The kits feature Canada’s traditional red and white color scheme and are accented by the Canadian logo, which features the country’s most widely recognized symbol, the maple leaf.“.

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A historic result achieved by Davis and David’s national team and not explained due to the technical supporter’s lack of celebration in relation to other selections, but an explanation that tries to calm the water, disappointed the protagonists. Fans.

John Herdman

Curacao v Canada – CONCACAF Nations League Group C / Matthew Ashton – AMA / Getty Images

Suffice it to say, Canada signed a sponsorship deal with Nike (2018) and was carried out. 78 ° Ranked Al 33 °, finished the qualifiers in first place, placing themselves ahead of national teams such as Mexico and the United States. The World Cup starts in two months and in Canada Cattle breederOld kit or not, he will be ready to impress starting from his debut against Belgium.

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