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Marina Ovsyannikova, the Russian police arrest a journalist for the organization No to War. Released a few hours later –

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From Marco Amarisio

Friday afternoon in front of the Kremlin with another Signal: Putin is a killerAnd his soldiers are fascists. They killed 352 children. A very obvious challenge that cannot be ignored

Russian journalist Marina Ovsyannikova, best known for displaying an anti-war in Ukraine banner on television during a news release, was released after a few hours in detention and arrested on Sunday for again protesting the invasion. The lawyer for the journalist – who lost her job after exploiting the television – confirmed her release, adding that the arrest came on suspicion of undermining the credibility of the Russian army.

when i entered Ukraine On behalf of German newspaperIt was poorly received
. They said he did double playthat was dummy to me money subordinate Kremlin. Even in his own Moscow there were rumors about his allegations confusionalso fueled by the rippling messages he posted on his site cable. Perhaps there was less doubt about his sincerity since yesterday. Marina Ovsianikova
the official journalist and pro-government broadcaster Channel Onewhich – which Last March 14 was appeared live During the news with a Signal
Which was written a fusion of Russian and English stop the warDon’t believe the publicity, they’re lying to you here, Kan Arrested.

It had happened to her that same evening, and it happened to her Release Happened a few days later was the trigger suspecious on his account. I was punished by one Fine The equivalent of five hundred euros. Not too heavy, almost nominal. this time, the authorities They couldn’t excuse themselves. On Friday she appeared on the bank of the Moskva River, opposite the Kremlin, with another Signal At hand, even sharper than its predecessor. Putin is a killerAnd his soldiers are fascists. They killed 352 children. How many do you want to kill before it stops? was the challenge very clear To be ignored, too close to the . symbol Russian power.

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Ovsyannikova returned to Moscow for a week to follow it causes From Accreditation
from his two sons. Ex-husband, who is also a journalist, having spent convicted His live protest, which attracted the attention of the entire world, had actually asked the court Custody childrenaged eleven and seventeen, claiming that Marina is now foreign agent He chose to work abroad. She was just a mother of two young children legal reason who justified his failure Prison. But it wasn’t enough to protect her from the conspiracy theories that talked about one of them Starting Agree with the Kremlin to show how opposition It is possible and permissible, and they have found fertile ground in some of his statements against him Western sanctions.

born journalist Odessa in 1978 but grew up in Southern RussiaInstead, he continued to protest against the war In Ukraine, in isolation. She was also convinced that somehow a confrontation would come sooner or later. not mistaken. In recent days, his Telegram channel launched a new logo which did not bode well. Jedi Marina? Where is Marina? Then pictures appeared showing some customers taking it away. Even those pictures didn’t save her Paradoxes On luxurious clothes and claiming it double play. Yesterday, another message. He was arrested and his location information is Unknown. These are the same words that were also used in March. But this time it’s very likely that it’s a file end of story Completely different, unfortunately.

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