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Maria Pia Amirati, Space for Women and Social Issues on TV – Television

Maria Pia Amirati, Space for Women and Social Issues on TV – Television

(Ansa) – Rome, March 08 – The Rai novel changes pace. Change faces, delve into characters, and focus on content. Ratings fly, look at the juicy cases of “Mina Settembre”, “Imma Tataranni”, “Lolita Lobosco” and finally “Mare Fuori”. Just over two years ago, at the helm of the Fiction Department at Viale Mazzini, Maria Pia Amirati has been a longtime director and one of the most prominent women in culture in our country. “Our country is an important industrial sector for the country – says Fortune – we produce stories, contents, culture and entertainment. We are a public service but we are also in the market and we must be competitive and interested in changes. We must say all this with special attention to deepening social issues and female characters.” On the cover of the new Fortune Italia Entertainment magazine, Ammirati, director of Rai Fiction appears, who speaks for herself exclusively by evaluating her first two years at the helm of Viale Mazzini’s fiction department, one of the architects of the resounding success of Marie Faure.

“More than 50 million views on Rai Play in four months. These are the numbers of a phenomenon fueled by new generations and social networks,” says the manager. 83.8 million views.

A resume also goes a long way. “And here too – he notes – our interest in women is very high. We have just finished filming” Folle d’amore – Alda Merini “by Roberto Faenza, and we are now producing” Margherita delle stelle “, a biopic of Margherita Hack with Cristiana Capotondi. In April , on the other hand, will be broadcast “Tina Anselmi – A Life for Democracy”, Biography of Tina Anselmi, First Minister with Sarah Felberbaum. We must tell the world including committed women. ” My princesses do not hide their “hope to reach the widest possible audience”. And since the numbers are a good combination, we remember more than 9 million from “Montalbano”, 7 from “Investigations of Lolita Lobosco” and “Doc – Nelle tue mani”, 6 million from “Don Matteo 13” and “Blanca”, 5 million from “Fiori sopra l’inferno” and “Imma Tataranni” (knob).

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