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“Continuous twists, no certificate of authenticity yet”

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Last October 29, The student union ‘Elo’ posted a post on Instagram: “After our requests to ADSU these days Should urge the reopening of the ‘Canada’ Multipurpose Center in Copido We met with the President Eleana Morgante And vice-president Antonio Benza, For a functional analysis: It will open very soon“, Reads the post.

The building, which has been closed for more than a year, will reopen soon Thank you for the effort of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and City Council Member Daniel Ferrella Despite the opposition of some members of the Board of Trustees (including who should represent and pursue the interests of the students) our demands were immediately collected – the technical experts of the municipality of L’Aquila who worked on this practice – underlined the association. , Due to their persistent obstinacy and divergent approach, they would have compromised in reopening the structure. “

Words that create many bad moods.

Sarah Sekala, a member of the ADSU board of directors, talks about the “completely distorted story”.

Known as The center, which is managed by ADSU, is owned by the municipal organization; Tests carried out in early 2021 found that the structure did not certify robust use. The Director, with reference 603 dated 26 March 2021, forwarded it to the Mayor and the Heritage Department of the Municipality, urging the administration to find an immediate solution to the crisis. No answers. “An attempt was made to break the unacceptable silence of the municipality – which underscores Sekala – at a meeting on June 6, 2021, attended by municipal leaders Evangelisti and Bellucci, but that too was unsuccessful. To date, more than six months on, the municipality has not considered taking action to prepare the documents needed to reopen the multifunctional. So it may seem ‘dangerous’ to repeatedly say a preventive thank you on ‘trust’ on municipal representatives (councilors and technicians) who have been inactive until now.

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On the other hand, Sekala says he continued to urge Morgante to reopen Canada: “During the 14 September 2021 Council – reveals – However, instead of notifying us of the ‘controversy over trust’ and the reopening of assets, the President, To close the multi-purpose center, he presented its proposed resolution, which was signed jointly with the Director. Based on the work that is supposed to have affected the entrances of the side doors to prevent users from entering the building. Proposals put forward by Councilors Palotti and Paschanto to expedite the process of reopening ‘Canada’ as soon as possible (to warn the municipality at the time and ask for possible possible compliance in the event of a recurrence of inactivity) set aside the doubts about working hours and move the discussion towards a positive solution. Thus, the line voted on and supported by President Morgante and his vice president has passed. Think of ‘Canada’ closing indefinitely “.

All that is not yet.

“The President, who has accustomed us to his wonderful twists and turns in power, unexpectedly informed us during the Board of Directors meeting on October 28 last year that, contrary to the above resolution, the tasks were urgently reopened. Building, Immediate issuance of practical certificate “.

A Certificate not yet received.

Therefore, Sekala reiterates, “Morgante’s inadequacy to cover up the role he was assigned, He tries to (in vain!) Die on his directors, who are the only advertisers, without showing the ability to find solutions and reopen all company structures before accepting his own responsibilities. Almost two years after he was appointed, it is true that the president does not yet have clear political guidance, abrupt, repetitive and incomprehensible changes in any action he takes. Often it is a flag in the air, trying to resist the wind that blows at the time – the unions, the rector and some regional representatives at the time of the combomis took her for a much milder consultation, and now it is the ‘Elo’ association – to unleash, upgrade, or find a ready solution to the theater now Denial of decisions taken “.

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Therefore, the request: “Morgante clarified his real intentions regarding ‘Canada’ in light of the resolution passed last September 14. His council will soon update the real time to obtain a certificate of credibility of the municipality”.

The ADSU leader’s harshest response was the closest: “I am sorry to have to respond publicly to Councilor Sekala for the eleventh time, and to note that he is taking his full time to investigate against the ADSU Board of Directors without cooperating to resolve many hereditary issues. When called to decide on the reopening of the center, he voted against it, calling for a regional organization to take responsibility for something as subtle as the right to university education.

At a meeting with shareholders last March – Morgante continues – “I guarantee the reopening of the structures and we are working hard to overcome the difficulties related to the security of the companies. After the closure of Campomizzi avoided, ‘Canada’ had a second important decision: an opportunity that could not be captured by Cecala. I think it is appropriate to stop with these words every time a goal is reached. As President, I promise to reopen in a very short time, And I would have been pleased with the unanimous decision of the Board. But I see that this is not the case and I thank Vice President Antonio Benza for supporting the right choice. “

It does not end here.

“As proof of the falsity of the declaration in response to President Morgante, I must preserve my image in designated offices,” Sekala sent to the press. Call of the Adsu Board of Directors on 28 October 2021 [puoi leggerlo qui], It shows that the “Canada Question” is not on the agenda: How could I have voted for it? However, it seems worrying that the President is unaware that the ADSU operates only through the resolutions of its governing body.

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