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March 8, gift to Carlotta Santolini of Rimini in Canada

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On March 8, International Women’s Day, Charlotte Santolini A marine biologist is among the developers of the project Bluewill receive the award in Canada.”2023 Italian Women of the Year Award” provided by CIBPA, Canadian Italian Business and Professional AssociationA Toronto-based association that celebrates and rewards the successes of women leaders who inspire others to achieve their dreams.

Born from the passion of five young women from Rimini for the sea and its protection, the project Blue Launched in December 2021 with the ambitious goal of turning an environmental problem into an asset for coastal fishing communities. The problem is that invasive marine alien species, species, organisms, due to human activities and climate change, transported from the seas to our seas, completely adapted to their new habitat, multiply and become a real problem for the delicate balance. Adriatic ecosystem and the Mediterranean in general.

The solution proposed by the company, a young female entrepreneur from Rimini, is to promote selective fishing, thus helping to reduce the socio-economic and environmental damage caused by the consumption of alien species in human food, especially the blue crab. system.

I am delighted and still incredulous to receive the Women in Excellence Award on behalf of Mariscadoras srl Benefit Company in Toronto on International Women’s Day. For me it is an honor and a great satisfaction, because it has passed our message of sustainability, but above all female empowerment. We are 5 young women and we want to advance all rights for equal opportunities in the business world and in the fishing world.” announced Carlotta Santolini.

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