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The war between Russia and Ukraine has been published, a map of where the International Space Station could fall

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Since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the resulting sanctions There is talk of potentially catastrophic side effects on scientific research as well as on the International Space Station. Moscow once again reminds that sanctions could cause the International Space Station to fall and it does so in the words of Dmitry Rogozin, head of the Russian space agency Roscomos. According to Rogozin, sanctions can be stopped Operation of the Russian spacecraft supplying the International Space Station, So the effect on the Russian part of the station helps, Among other things, to correct its orbit. Hence, the danger lies in the collapse or landing of the station on the ground.

“The Russian part ensures that the station’s orbit is correct (on average 11 times a year), as well as to avoid space debris,” said Rogozin. By publishing a map of where the International Space Station could eventually be located, stressed that this is unlikely to happen in Russia. And he continued, “But the peoples of other countries, especially those led by warmongers, should think about the price of sanctions against Roscosmos,” describing the countries that imposed these sanctions as “crazy.”

On the first of March, a NASA He said he was trying to find a solution to keep the International Space Station in orbit without Russia’s help. Crews and supplies are transferred to the Russian side of Soyuz spacecraft. But Rogozin said the launch pad used for takeoff is “subject to US sanctions from 2021 and those to the European Union and Canada from 2022.” Roscosmos then stated that it had appealed to NASA, the Canadian Space Agency and the European Space Agency “to demand the lifting of illegal sanctions against our companies.”

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On the future of the International Space Station (ISS) “The danger is there but at the moment there are no effects. “It’s just a verbal skirmish and we hope it doesn’t go any further,” says astronaut Lapresse. Umberto Guidoni. He explains that the life of the station “should have ended in 2025” but there was talk of extending it, but at this point it is “likely” that this will not happen. At the same time, we should keep our eyes on the end of the month When two astronauts from Moscow and an American are scheduled to return to Earth from the station via the Russian Soyuz capsule.

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