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Many negative reviews on Steam due to performance issues –

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Kerbal Space Program 2 It just launched in Early Access steambut the game page is already full of reviews, many of which are negative (55% of the total). The main reasons for criticism relate to the smoothness of the game, which apparently isn’t quite perfect, but many people also deplore the dearth of content between critical points.

Kerbal Space Program is a beloved game that has become a huge hit. So it’s only natural that gamers are eagerly awaiting the release of Kerbal Space 2, which currently ranks second in the global top 10, lower than another announced hit, Sons of the Forest. The problem is that the game, as it often happens, causes problems for many players.

For example, user Dead Baron wrote: “I expect it to be improved, but the game isn’t ready right now. Seems that given the $50 price tag, the community should play it.” User Domus wrote: “In full KSP style, it was a launch disastrous! andreacelaj32 wrote: “Needs massive improvement.” I hope it becomes your priority so that this excitement becomes playable.”

As already mentioned, many of the criticisms also relate to the amount of content present, as confirmed by the review by user Purple3375: “We weren’t there, 10 years of development and 50 euros, I was expecting a campaign, not just a bad Sanbox campaign. VAB is not fun on Launch, flying experience is not good, only 3 unlocked hulls. Early access is good, but here we are less than 1/100 of what KSP 1 offers.” Fastar84’s review sums up both major points raised by users: “Unfortunately it was disappointing. Definitely going to be a game Beautiful but at the moment it’s embarrassing.The graphics are not at all what they are in the promotional videos even with all the settings at max, moreover it’s scary lacking in content!Build a rocket in sandbox, launch, land and game over! I understand it’s early access, but there’s still a lot of work to do here..”

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It should be noted that Kerbal Space Program 2 was recently launched into early access, so it has plenty of room for improvement.

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