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“Manuel’s father did everything for my race, he was an intruder”

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Lulu Selassie river flood. After unveiling a little Unpublished background on the breakup with Manuel Portuzzothe former competitor of the sixth edition of big brother vip pointing finger against Franco BorzozoSwimmer’s father.

Lolo Selassie indictment against Franco Borzozo

I interviewed him weekly Che, lulu back to talk about The end of her relationship with Manuel. Selection, according to the Ethiopian princess, former rival of big brother vip He allegedly made the mistake of third parties, in particular his father Franco:

Father did everything for my race. And from the first moment. While Manuel and I did our best to find balance and remove negatives. Manuel is 22 years old, he is not a child, but he has experienced great pressure from his family. And also from friends, who could not stand me. They must have brainwashed him well because even two days ago we were together, we partyed together for seven months, and we woke up together. That’s it, that’s why. Without his father, Manuel and I would still be together.

Unfortunately for me, the presence of Manuel’s father caused me anxiety, and I didn’t feel comfortable at all. The father kept caressing everything. There was never privacy, Manuel’s father was gone all the time, he was very intrusive, Manuel needed to feel independent and independent, but his father was on top of it. Manuel’s house is separated from his father’s house by a spiral staircase: his father did not have to knock or ring the bell, he just came down. We’re two men, for me, being a woman, it’s awkward too, maybe I wanted to be in my underwear or naked…and he’s a big guy…maybe we’ve had moments of intimacy and it just came on all of a sudden…it was awkward.

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After attacking and criticizing the imposed behavior Franco towards him Selassie I talked about the possibility of review Manuel:

I don’t think so, I don’t have him with him, but after all was said and done…especially by the father: I don’t repeat what he said about me. I spoke with Manuel at the time and that’s why I left. Manuel was sorry, and he also told me “Let’s find another house”, but his father was very intrusive in everything and everything. I’m sorry that this story is over, I didn’t have such a sweet and romantic boyfriend, but I can’t help it.

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