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Maneuvers to stop Biden: Trump risks being indicted –

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From Massimo Gaggi

The Congressional Assault Committee can recommend criminal prosecution for the Department of Justice. Messages and meetings

New York – theA House committee investigating the assault on Congress a year ago may ask the Justice Department to indict former President Donald Trump with a range of criminal offenses ranging from A plot to sabotage the election result on less serious charges such as direct obstruction of Congress. This is if the evidence collected is not sufficiently judged to support the heavier charge. To write it in the newspaper

Based on information received from two anonymous sources from UNHCR.

circle tightens

Even with uncertainty about the origin of these reckless actions and although the attorney general, wise Merrick Garland, would not be obligated to seek an indictment of Trump if the commission urged him to do so, the news has its own relevance. : Indicates that the investigation department is narrowing down around the former president on the basis of many elements that emerged from the parliamentary investigation that was launched last July. The many messages sent by former Trump Prime Minister Mark Meadows are especially critical, on the basis of which it was possible to reconstruct the role played by the White House not only in igniting the January 6 revolution, but also in pressuring the Department of Justice, the electoral authorities of the states critical to the victory of Biden and his Vice President himself, Mike Pence Deny certification of results From voting to announce the new Democratic president.

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pressure on the penny

Early in December
Washington Post
He wrote that the committee was preparing to request a criminal investigation into Trump’s actions. More detailed elements are now provided regarding the possible criminal behavior of the former president: pressure exerted by his lawyers, aides and the Conservative leader himself on all the authorities that ran the steps of the vote certification process, including theAttempting to persuade Pence to change his ceremonial role as Senate President In a major political role for blocking procedures.

Promoter Memories

almost a coup, at least in the opinion of the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, while in his recent memoirs, head bossMeadows defends these initiatives as merely an attempt to buy time to allow for more thorough investigations into the conduct of the elections. His thesis, although now supported by a large part of the American right, does not hold: It’s been two and a half months since Biden’s inauguration vote and All investigations by state authorities led by Republicans And from largely Republican judges, they have not disclosed any significant irregularities.

The meetings of Rudy Giuliani

Then there are the elements that connect Trump directly to the meetings that Rudy Giuliani had on the eve of January 6 at the Willard Hotel with lawyers and White House collaborators to try to block the announcement of the new president. Finally it appears Six Republican Representatives From the radical right wing of the Freedom Caucus, from Jim Jordan to Moe Brooks, who worked behind the scenes — with brutal pressure on justice officials — and on the rallies, to obstruct the vote’s certification process by demanding to speak on Trump’s behalf.

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Donald’s phone call

The knot, however, is political as well as judicial: To prove Trump’s conspiratorial or obstructive behavior, the famous January 2, 2021 phone call recorded Georgia Minister of State, Brad Ravensberger, who was asked by the then president Find 11,780 votes: Those necessary to snatch Biden’s victory in the southern state. The point that if Trump impeachment trials were not enough to remove Trump from the political stage, it is unlikely that a Biden secretary or a committee made up almost exclusively of Democrats would be able to do so in order to boycott Republicans, who treat Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger as traitors: namely, The only two conservative MPs who agreed to participate in the investigation.

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