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Make room for the “queen” of panettone: Molino Merano mixture – Newsfood – Nutrimento e Nutrimente

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Fragrant, soft, fragrant, with a soft and enveloping taste, able to conquer the customer and his guests from the first bite. Artisan panettone pleases all the senses with unique aromas, flavors and textures that are difficult to find in industrial products, and is the perfect product to end holiday lunches in style.

Bringing this little magic to life is not easy, it is an art that has been passed down through generations among pastry chefs and bakers, and plays on several main components: the choice of flour, yeast, high-quality raw materials and respect for techniques – the correct doses and times for making the dough.

Molino Merano, one of South Tyrol’s leading producers of cereals, flours and blends for premium baked goods, is here together with industry professionals to help them provide customers with panettone truly in keeping with the best traditions of Italian artisans, optimizing production times and costs.

The brand currently produces more than 20 different types of grains, which are selected, grown and processed with the utmost care, and has developed special formulations to create exquisite fermented products. Among these products, the best-in-class “Regina” blend stands out, which is based on the mother yeast with active yeasts, and is ideal for preparing panettone and pandoro of the highest quality, without adding brewer’s yeast: next to it are the classic blends. Divine and classic with inactive yeasts and new proposals for making special recipes: organic, vegetarian, lactose- and gluten-free panettone.

A feature of these mixtures is the use of exclusively produced natural mother yeast, the true distinction of Molino Merano, which helps make the dough soft and fragrant, ensures its unmistakable rise, improves its flavor and increases its nutritional properties and durability. .

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Other strengths are the careful selection of raw materials and maximum ease of use: by following the instructions, in a simple way, the pastry chef is sure of obtaining a high-quality result, which he can turn into a real excellence thanks to his special skills. Imagination and inspiration.

The quality of the flour also ensures a long life of the final product, when properly packaged and stored.

Once they have passed the test on the Christmas table, Molino Merano mixtures can become an inseparable ally of master pastry chefs, because they allow the creation of a wide range of traditional Italian desserts, such as sponge cake or Easter doves, with great ease. Preparation.’Use.

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