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It only takes a short time in space to change human biology

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Rome, June 25, 2024 (AginBio) – In space, a few days are enough to change human biology and some details of our functions. The story of how and why is told by the Space Omics and Medical Atlas (SOMA), a collection of scientific data and articles on aerospace medicine that summarizes how staying in space affects the human body. In particular, the case of tourist astronauts from the crew of SpaceX’s three-day special space mission Inspiration4 was described. Analysis of data collected in 2021 during the mission, in which four tourists aged between 29 and 51 took part, shows how physiological changes previously observed only in astronauts working on long missions occurred within a few days in space. For example, we talk about changes in immune cell function and differences in telomere length regulation, as well as changes in gene activity. All characteristics are normal in 95% of cases upon return to Earth. (AginBio) GTI 12:00

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