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Mafia report: “Calabrian clans and associations in Canada involved in gambling, usury and extortion”

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“In Canada, the first appearance of ‘Ndrangheta’ was in the seventies and two decades later, the functional links between the Calabrian gangs (known as the” Ciderno Group “) and their established counterparts in the Toronto region were clear and consistent. Involved Gambling, Interest and extortion. In 2019, the Ontario High Court sentenced a member of the Ursino family to 11 years and 6 months in prison for drug trafficking. This is what we read Report on the status of organized crime in the Cadensaro and Wipo Valandia regions Approved and released by the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the occurrence of mafias and other criminal associations, including foreigners, at the February 9, 2022 session Senate.

“In this regard, it seems important to underline one aspect that has always been felt in the operation of ‘Ndrangheta’, namely the existence of secret or covert elements concealed through the use of personal, professional, institutional or Masonic ties (January 25, 1982, n. 17, Anselmi Law). The so-called, not always recognized in the judiciary (15) is considered an offense under Section 1 of the Act.The strong and lasting network of secret and illicit relationships (found in most of the inquiries involved) and its new entrepreneurs are highly active in satisfying the industry, ‘ndrangheta economically strong and Can influence in a radical way and divert them from the business world and the efficiency, transparency and impartiality of local public administrations. An analysis reporting the most recent elements carried out by, includes this content: “Analysis of Investigative and Judicial Findings in the First Half of 2020, once again a picture of a quiet ‘Ndrangheta’. , But its business aims to become more “business” than ever in the entrepreneurial industry. From companies near the Calabrian clans, active in various business, manufacturing and service sectors, from building construction to road transport, from the collection, comes a worrying confirmation from a large number of anti-mafia countermeasures. Dull goods for the automotive business, from catering to hotel facilities Games எரி “(16)” for fuel supply, he adds. cdn / AGIMEG

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