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When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit: plot, cast, trailer and curiosities

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On the occasion of Memorial Day celebrated on January 27, Rai 1 is premiering the film tonight When Hitler stole the pink rabbit, directed by Oscar-winning German director Caroline Lenk. The film is based on the children's novel of the same name Judith Kerrpublished in 1971. The author, of German and Jewish descent, moved to London with her family when she was just 11 years old, to escape the rise of Nazism in the wake of the disastrous election of 1933. So the date is tonight, Wednesday. January 24, at 9:30 pm on Al Rai 1.

When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit: A Story

When Hitler stole the pink rabbit Story follows Max and AnnaTwo children of Jewish origin in Berlin during the rise of Nazism. His father, a socialist writer, decides to leave Germany to avoid Nazi persecution. The mother organizes an escape for her, Max, and the children to get to Father in Switzerland. During the train journey, Anna falls ill, but the family finds refuge in Zwern's boarding house. In Switzerland, amid economic and social difficulties, they discover… Cut on the head From the father. However, with their assets confiscated, Anna loses her beloved pink rabbit. After this event, the father decides to do so Moving to ParisHoping that he can publish his articles. However, in 1935, a new economic crisis prompted them to move to England, where their father's script was finally accepted. Stories about lives devastated by war, but also… Resilience And look for a safe place.

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In the cast When Hitler stole the pink rabbitthe guy Reva Krymalovsky She plays Anna Kemper, bringing to screen her story of a troubled childhood during the Nazi era. close to her, Marinus Hohmann Brings life to the character of Max Kemper, Anna's brother. Carla Juri She takes on the role of Dorothea Kemper, the mother of the two children Oliver Masucci He plays Arthur Kemper, his father, a writer and opponent of the Nazi regime. The cast also includes Justus von Dohnanyi Such as Onkel Julius, the family's uncle, and Ursula Werner As Hemby, the housekeeper who takes care of Anna and Max.


The novel is inspired by the childhood of Judith Kerr, the daughter of a writer and theater critic who opposed the Nazi regime, and was written after the author was inspired while watching a musical comedy. All together with enthusiasm With his eight-year-old son. Her decision to tell her story as a child was motivated by a desire to reveal The truth about the harsh reality of Nazismas seen from a child's eyes.

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