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Luxottica, double wages for those who work on Saturdays. Reward in Agordo to counter the surge in orders

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The Dear Energy Don’t stop producing Luxoteca. The market and orders are working so well that the group decided to keep the factories open as much as possible even on weekends. In September in the main factory Agurdu It will be this way for all four Saturdays of the month. sacrifice for employees Which, however, will be well paid: on Saturday work will have him compensation equals twice the normal overtime. Membership is voluntary and the agreement has just been signed with the company’s trade union representatives, but it’s not hard to guess that membership will be huge. A little extra salary money, in this period when salaries are being eroded by hyperinflation, is an important opportunity.

EssiLux focuses on smart glasses, Millere: «A new challenge for the group. Let’s move forward in Del Vecchio’s footsteps.”

In this specific case, the initiative starts from the production needs, but the glasses giant has always been very concerned about the well-being of its employees. for Leonardo del Vecchio, the recently deceased founder, making sure that co-workers were happy to work in his factories was a must. This is how initiatives such as the Hourly Ethical Bank, Solidarity Microcredit, Generations Pact, and Life Bonus were born. Over time, Luxottica became a model in Italy for corporate luxury.
Examples of corporate leaders who have decided to share some good results achieved with their employees or even help them when they are facing difficulties, in any case in Italy there are many. Famous and lesser known. To provide tangible assistance against the cost of living for their 25 employees, brothers Biagio and Michel Gatto, owners of a packaging company in Galatón (Lecce), decided to offer a bonus of 186 euros per month until the December salary. In Calabria, the 497 employees of the Callipo Group (leader in canned tuna) this year will have various benefits – such as petrol vouchers – to mitigate the impact of increases this year, in addition to the €800 production bonus.

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Karoviti fight
Taking advantage of the law enacted with the Ukrainian Crisis Decree, petrol vouchers (tax-free up to €200 per employee) have also become the tool of choice for many entrepreneurs in the North to lend a helping hand to their collaborators. For example, Profilmec, a company that produces steel pipes with offices between Racconigi, Pordenone, Turin, did this, despite the fact that the orders in this period did not work out to their fullest (so that it was necessary to resort to a cigarette ) ). Valeo di Mondovì, which has 600 employees, expected an increase in their salaries by doubling the Ipca index for 2021. Production bonuses almost doubled (from 1,500 to 2,500 euros) for Cometto-Faymonville workers in Borgo San Dalmazzo. Two thousand five hundred euros is the number chosen by Nestlé Italia to reward three thousand employees. One Paduan company that produces paints, Ard Raccanello, also offered 2,500 euros per employee to share the excellent offers going on in the markets. The Piovan Group, a multinational company active in industrial automation for the transportation and processing of polymers, recycled plastics and food powders, went even further: its 620 Italian employees received a bonus of 3,500 euros, of which almost 900 were for living costs. Then there is the Intesa case: to offset the effects of the economic situation, the bank, led by Carlo Messina, decided to offer an exceptional bonus of 500 euros to all non-executive employees.

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