September 27, 2023

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Ludovica Frasca is happy next to the director, at the end of August she announced her separation from Faricy

Ludovica Frasca is happy next to the director, at the end of August she announced her separation from Faricy

Former tissue Ludovica Frasca appears to have found love again. A few days after announcing the split from Frank Farisi, the publication came with director Adam Segal.

suddenly , Ludovica Frasca It looks like he’s found love again a few days after he publicly announced the end of his long relationship with his ex Frank Faresi. It was not the initiative of the former fabric of Striscia la Notizia but of the man, also known, who would be close to her in this period. It is located around Adam Segala 40-year-old director who has directed films such as daydreamer And the trolley.

Adam Segal’s job

Adam posted a post in which he appeared embracing Ludovica, and wrote: “Heck…39 was weird knowing. Some of the highest and lowest points of my life. But now it’s over when I’m forty. 40! I still feel like a kid and luckily I still have beautiful, luxurious hair. And I can say, as you can see from these pictures, I am where I want to beBelow, Ludovica comments:Happy 40th birthday my lovely man. You are more than incredible, even more amazing than Rome“.

Announcement of separation from Frank Farisi

The end of August, Ludovica announced Her split from her husband, Frank Farisi, an American businessman who has had a steady couple for years. Without even bothering to hide her tears, Ludovica said in a video posted on Instagram:

These months have not been easy for me, there are things that cannot be easily told. Many things make you grow, and I understand that you should always trust your instincts, and what your heart and stomach tell you. You should always stand up for what you expect. If you do it ethically, then fight for what you want, without compromising anything. Your opinion is important, do not get into toxic episodes. I’m sorry I cut some bridges with friends who told me things for my own good that I didn’t understand. I’m sorry I didn’t talk to my family about it, I was afraid of judgment. The important thing is to tell the truth to yourself first. Respect each other, if you two are bad in a relationship there is no point in having them.

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