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Luca Argentero, the dramatic attack: “We were like brothers”

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Luca Argentero and the Instantly Shocking Attack: These Are They, the Details and Curiosity of the Story That Made the Web Speechless

A representative of disarming beauty and indisputable talent is, he is the best Luca Argentero. A career studded with the great successes of the man who had the opportunity to act in various films and beyond, which indicates his great professionalism. Recently returned from the huge success of the movie Doc – In Your Hands, which received excellent feedback from the audience. To leave speech was a statement against the aforementioned actor.

Curiosity (web image)

The first appearance of the guy in his remembrance, happened thanks to his cousin Alicia Ventura, at the time of the speech of the program by Jerry Scotti, Passaparola, which proposes him to choose one of the most followed reality shows by the Italian public Big brother. After this wonderful experience, the man showed his talent by starting to act in famous fiction Carabinieri for two seasons as Marco Tosi.

After that experience, the man followed several important roles that show his talent in different films such as Saturn Against directed by Farzan Ozbek in 2007, they follow Just a father, different from, the great dream, I’m Leonardo, today I marry and eat the prayer of loveDirected by Ryan Murphy with Julia Roberts.

The man has always revealed To love nature and sports such as yoga, swimming and tennis Because he fell in love with the city in which he lives, Citta della Pife (the famous city of the Carabinieri group) declared: “I love the simple things: the joy they give me vegetable gardenHike in the mountains (I came from a family of climbers) Tennis“.

Despite the success, a great friend with whom he shared the experience at the most popular event in Italy made some shocking confessions that literally left people on the Internet and fans of the actor speechless.

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Statements he made against Luca Argentero

In the house of the older brother, Luca Argentero, unknown at the time, had a wonderful experience by establishing a very strong and important relationship with another competitor: he is Fedro Fancione.

Luca and Fedro
confession (web image)

The man, who was recently interviewed, made confessions about his private life, career and relationship with Luca Argentero, who accused him of being an opportunist.

In detail the man admitted: “It’s like putting your finger on a sore. We were practically brothers inside and outside the house. We shared many experiences as well as flat. Then over time it turns out to be different, pushy. We quarreled and no longer see each other. For me it was a huge disappointment“.

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