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LTH extension. “Wave of Innovation”: Finalists from Switzerland, Canada and Italian Water Jade | Leco news

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Milan – “A wave of innovation”, the Water Alliance’s international call for proposals announces its finalists, an international call launched by the Water Alliance to identify new Pilot projects for implementation of integrated water cycle.

Acu di Lombardia, the first network of water companies in Lombardy, led to the Water Alliance – Acu di Lombardia, from assessment to assessment, a clear process. Lario Reddy Holding founder and active player) to SII to select a short list of candidates who can propose solutions to 13 network companies in 4 key areas (sewage sludge treatment and review, biogas integration, smart water network, real-time data development) , in line with the principles of circular economy, sustainability and digitization.

Faithful to its pre-arranged mission to promote innovation from an internationally open innovation perspective, the selection committee, consisting of technical contacts of network companies, turned to interlocutors motivated and interested in implementing concrete projects. I was able to find out through the first round of scouting More than 150 facts from around the world (including startups and SMEs)., one hundred of them have appeared in the pre-examination. Through the second screening, 57 candidates were selected and evaluated to reach a final list of 10 projects.

“It is an honor to note the international interest this initiative has received, with applications from the US, Canada, Australia and Israel. This means that Water Alliance is an attractive reality and is considered capable of project implementation, adopting innovative projects to implement its services,” says Eng. Henry PezzoliSpokesperson for the Water Alliance and President and CEO of Como Aqua.

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The finalist startups had the opportunity to present their projects to the audience and the commission, which defined a platform of three solutions to be tested in favor of water alliance companies. Switzerland will enter the testing phase ALPHA CLEANTECH AG And Canadian Ostara with pilot solutions related to the sludge treatment research area and the Italian one Water jade In the context of real-time data development.

This challenge was created with a specific goal in mind. 13 companies wanted to adopt a successful approach regarding the main challenges facing the Lombardy water service. Energy crisis and innovative management of environmental data by introducing more modern technologies Artificial intelligenceAnd. The result of the call exceeded the expectations of the network, which dealt with highly prepared and motivated interlocutors, reaffirming how, with the right synergies, the future of the integrated water cycle can be shaped with vision.

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