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Hockey, the last day of the A1 regular season – Sports

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Tomorrow, the last day of the regular season of Serie A will be played, with some positions still to be decided. In recovery from day 23rd Montebello-Follonica 9-5 and Valdagno-Grosseto 9-2. Also advanced on the 26th, Vercelli Correggio 6-3. In the standings, behind Tresino 61 and Lodi 54, Forte dei Marmi retained third place (52) thanks to the defeat of Follonica (50). Valdagno, sixth, rises to 41, behind Bassano (45).

During the Easter holiday at Forte dei Marmi, the Italian Cups will be reserved for the A1, A2, B and women’s, while from April 20 the Scudetto qualifiers start and should end by June 18. It is played on Wednesday and Saturday with the first home game for the worst-placed team. Apart from the preliminary match, in which you add up the goals of the two matches, victories in the Scudetto qualifiers are counted, regardless of the number of goals scored. And the qualifying matches for the teams from sixth to tenth place in two matches (20 and 23 April).

On April 30, May 4 and May 7, the Qualifiers Quarterfinals were decided in the top three games in which Gds Impianti Forte enters the competition. May 14, 18, 21, 25 and 28 are the dates related to the semi-finals of the top five matches as the finals, which will start on Saturday 4 June and continue on the 8th, 11th, 15th and 18th of the same month. Also at A1, the play-off round will play the last four games from April 23 to May 28. In the end, the latter two were relegated to the Italian Serie A. In Serie A2, the top eight seeded from each group participate in the preliminaries, including Cgc Viareggio, Sgs Servizi Forte and Rotellistica Camaiore.

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All matches are played in two matches, the first at home from the worst positions, with the total goals to beat the round (in case of a tie, at the end of the second leg there will be extra time and no penalties). And plays on Saturday: the round of 16, 23 and 30 April; quarters of May 7 and 14; Semi-finals May 21 and 28. The semi-finalists will give life to the final match on 4 June in one place. The winners (who have been promoted to League One A1) will play the Final for first place; The loser is one in three.


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