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Loop: The award-winning short film about the possibility of rebelling against the rules that will keep you on the edge of your seat

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Loop is a short film that shows a society where all individuals frantically repeat the same actions, until a couple decides to break this routine. Best Animated Short Film at the Goya Awards 2023 has an ending that can be experienced (and interpreted).

In just a few minutes, some short films manage to convey a poignant message worth pondering. This is the situation episodesDirected by Pablo Boldry. In only 8 minutes he managed to photograph a small town in which all the men’s work is They repeat Literally faster and faster.

A small town can become a small world, ours, where everyone is caught up in the madness and “race” against time towards an unspecified goal. And thanks to its visual power and more, episodes I managed to win the prize as Best Animated Short Film in the Ibero-American audiovisual sector at the 2023 Goya Awards.

A repetitive and cumbersome process

It is a Spanish-Argentine co-production produced by UniKo and Maniac Planet. Pablo Boldry, in addition to being the director, is also the screenwriter and the producer is Ivan Menambres. As mentioned, it depicts a company that has created an organizational system that is always in need certain behaviors themselves for work.

Within it, each individual ends part of the gear In a repetitive and cumbersome process. Each character, in effect, repeats the same action over and over. To give more vent to all this, the short was mainly made in digital 2D using the episode.

Thus this small film becomes a metaphor for routine activities, human automation and mechanization. And so this has grown to form a community made up of people who live in this state (and let’s go back to the “loop”), in continuous repetition.

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The Unexpected Twist: You Can Be Free

The short film tries to make us understand that we can be freeWe can choose who we are in a company. And in fact, at a certain point, there’s a twist with two characters who decide to Break this routine And he flies alone.

What follows is this couple’s haunting hellish pursuit, which appears to be almost inspired by the iconic ’90s masterpiece, The Truman Show. The whole end of for interpretation It is up to the one who sees it to choose whether it is positive or negative or whether they want to see it again in another guise.

With simplistic animation and predominantly red and gray colors, the short is a true blockbuster society satire. The trend, as atypical as it may seem, also makes us think, so we are used to seeing Disney and Pixar productions made in 3D.

But the intended effect, like He made it clear The director himself:

2D movies are more associated with independent cinema. In short films, you have the possibility to choose the style you feel most comfortable with, the one you like the most. I feel a lot of affinity with 2D. I like it because it’s a very personal style You can create a world Self. You make the graphics and you can do whatever you want. Researching short animations is usually quite personal and more about experimentation and trying things out. Always on its own way, because short films have no industry. This is the downside. But it is also what allows you to do whatever you want.

Below we leave you the short film:

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