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LIVE TMW – Empoli, Andrezulli: “We took a risk, this is football. We could have done better this season.”

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22.50 Empoli coach Aurelio Andrezulli will speak soon at the press conference to analyze Atalanta’s 1-0 win.

23.50 – Andrezulli’s press conference began: “We are happy, because we are playing against a team that is stronger than us, and pulling the score is a credit to the team and their commitment, but above all for their seriousness. We wanted to do better during the season, but something happened there, we lost important players because of Injuries. In general, the team has always expressed itself without ever giving up.”

His team always strived for an idea for his game even under pressure.
“It’s our way of being, sometimes it’s risky. But sport is a risk, it makes you grow. If you play comfortably against Atalanta, you’ve already lost before entering the court. However, even when you don’t get points, it’s the awareness that makes them grow. Unfortunately, at the end of the cycle you have to start over. There will be sales, but we live with this: we hope to be good at renewing by presenting ourselves with the same priorities.”

“He’s very good, I tell him no matter what role I’m in. He has a great application and he can still improve.”

23.56 – Andrezulli’s press conference ends.

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