June 4, 2023

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LIVE TMW – Atalanta, Congerton: “The differences between the Premier League and the First Division? Football for me is football”

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17.45Lee Congertonresponsible for the international development of the Atalanta sports district, will be presented to the press for the first time after arriving in Bergamo on March 7.

18.00 – Congerton’s press conference began: “I am happy to be here, with Tony we work as one. Tony is younger than me, but together we have a lot of experience. Football for me is football, I worked with other leagues. I worked with Ancelotti at Chelsea and had I have the opportunity to work in other leagues. That’s why I wanted to take this opportunity. Football is football. I like smart and fast players.”

Can we start over from Primavera?
“It is important to have young and Italian players. It is not easy, but we have many talented players in Primavera. However, Atalanta also thinks about the foreign market, always in terms of young people.”

Atalanta is one of the most European teams. Did it influence your choice?
“I had many opportunities to work in Europe. I worked at Chelsea for seven years, with two great sporting directors. I wanted to come here to Atalanta, it was difficult for me to choose between here and my friend Brendan Rodgers (staying at Chelsea). But for Lee Atalanta can return to Europe. The first division is very difficult, and we hope to return to play in the cups.”

Could the lack of the Champions League be a factor in the market?
“It is always important to play in Europe. I studied the Atalanta model, this year there were also many injuries, and we want to improve every aspect. The important thing is to let young players play. Even when I was at Chelsea, we followed Atalanta, they were always good players. We want to strengthen the team. We want to take important players. I read that we often say “Mola Mia”, never give up, this is the right mentality. We have many opportunities, the Premier League is different from the league, there are also higher salaries. The goal is to get players of value.”

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18.55 – Lee Congerton press conference ends.