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The plot and release date of the four short films on Netflix have been revealed

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during the’The 80th Venice Film FestivalAside from the competition, there was also space to preview the first of the four short films screened Wes Anderson face to Netflix All inspired by Short stories by Roald Dahl. The iconic director has actually chosen to adapt some of these films to his own eccentric style.

«I love Roal Dahl’s works, I grew up reading them and fell in love with them – The director announced during a press conference at the Venice Lido – I was lucky enough to meet his family while filming Mr. Fox, and at the time I was already dreaming of being able to direct an adaptation of Henry Sugar’s novel, which has always been my favorite of his stories. But unfortunately, For many years I couldn’t figure out how to deal with adjusting to it. Fortunately, his family was kind enough not to grant the exploitation rights to anyone else while I waited for the right idea to come to mind.”

Clearly, that moment has arrived and now Netflix has revealed details about the plot and release date of the four short films. You can find them all below, while you can read our review of the first short here, The wonderful story of Henry Sugar.

The wonderful story of Henry Sugar

We begin with the short film set in Venice featuring the protagonist Benedict Cumberbatch As a rich man he discovers that there is a teacher who can see without using his eyes. So he decided to learn the trick to winning at the casino. Also in the cast Dev Patel And Ben Kingsley. Release date: September 27, 2023. Duration: 39 minutes.

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The swan

Robert’s friend, Asa Jennings And Ralph Fiennes They tell the story of a brilliant young boy who is mercilessly assaulted by two dim-witted bullies. Exit date: September 28, 2023. Duration: 17 minutes.


For the third short story, the hero of the story is a rat exterminator. The cast includes Ralph Fiennes, Robert Friend, and Once Again Richard Ayoade. Exit date: September 29, 2023. Duration: 17 minutes.


Wes Anderson’s latest short adaptation of Roald Dahl’s novel sees at the heart of the plot a man discovering a venomous snake in his bed. Cast of the first short returns: Dev Patel, Benedict Cumberbatch and Ben Kingsley. Exit date: September 30, 2023. Duration: 17 minutes.

picture: Netflix

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