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Lists in Campania, a duel between the colonel of the League. Forza Italia guarantees: “There is room for everyone”

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“All parliamentarians in Forza Italia from Campania are good and have carried out their duties conscientiously and loyally. There is and will be room for all ». Fulvio Martosello, The Regional Commissioner of Forza Italia in Campania, tried to keep outgoing parliamentarians away from whom they would all likely be re-elected, but not everyone would have a place in armored posts. Above all, the previous coordinator stays on the window Mimo Di Ciano, Antonio Bentangelo and Carlo Sarro. For them, there is certainly unknown for their re-election because in Fi there is a crowd of armored posts, and then, in Campania, various personalities from other regions will be appointed. With this observation Martusciello wanted to make everyone understand, without saying it explicitly, that if the outgoing was not confirmed on the ballot, they could be “taken out” of governmental or sub-governmental roles by Silvio Berlusconi.

For those looking to return to Palazzo Madama and Montecitorio, there is a plus book at Fi. Silvio Berlusconi will in fact lead the Senate list in Campania 1 with his parent company Emilia Anamaria Bernini behind him, as roles have been reversed – for mandatory gender equality – in the second Senate list in which Bernini will be the leader with Berlusconi in second position. The situation is similar to the room where the national secretary of the Fai was, Antonio Tajani He must lead one of the lists of Campania 1 or 2. The place of the other leaders can come into contact with former coordinator De Siano. For others only a parking room only or the possibility of playing in individual boarding schools. This is what Carlo Sarro and Antonio Bentangelo have taken into account, but not only them. In the window there are, for example, the two regional advisors Stefano Caldoro and Anarita Patriarca. Not to mention – after liquidating him so you can agree with him Mara Karvagna At work – too Salvatore Gwanji and Iris Savastano They might consider a place on the list. Yesterday, among other things, they too, like all members of the municipal councils, signed a statement against Carvagna herself, asserting that it was an “unhelpful provocation” that the minister could run for Naples for reasons of respect for Forza Italia. From possible agreements to veto.

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There is also a list of plots in the house of Lega. The outgoing, also due to the downsizing of parliamentarians, does not know if they will be able to find a reconfirmation. The problems are above all in the room where the regional advisor is pressing for his candidacy as leader, Severino Nappi, The Northern League also appointed him responsible for the electoral campaign. By virtue of gender equality, an outgoing person can sleep more peacefully Pina Castillo That you can find more or less armored sites in the price list. The situation will be more complicated for the other advocate of the Northern League Gianluca Cantalamessa, Who at this point should only hope for an excellent performance by the League in Campania or aim for re-election to a disputable college of the irregular. Not to mention that we should also try to reassert the outgoing senator, Francesco Urarro In Palazzo Madama. Another unknown is to understand whether another regional councilor, holder of the record for preferences in the last elections in Campania, wants to seek a seat for politics or stay to lead de Luca’s opposition in the Parliamentary Office of the Governing Centre.

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In light of opinion polls, events in Brothers of Italy are a little less complicated. Here the availability of all the members of the regional councils as well as the outgoing parliamentarians has been collected. Then Georgia Meloni has the last word.

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