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“Slave for 365 days and you will be in love”: the case of the popular Netflix trash movie

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Its success cannot be explained. So much so that the sequel has just been released. After “365 Days”, “365 Days: Now” hit Netflix. And if the temptations and fantasies of housewives and office workers have so far attracted the “50 Shades” trilogy, then this series of erotic films, rated as trivial, fake and low-key drama is popular on streaming services. Characters: Italy’s Michele Moroni and Poland’s Anna Maria Sikluca.

The two films, a successful Italian-Polish production directed by Barbara Bialoas and Thomas Mendes, taken from the books of Blanca Lipinska, show the story of the kidnapping of Laura, the girl who beats mafia scoundrel Massimo Torricelli on the beach. After five years, not satisfied with her partner, she saw her again and kidnapped her, betting that she would fall in love with him within a year.

The game of strength, seduction and sex begins. Bianca was terrified at first and rejected him, then realized the power he could exert on her jailer. With all the differences in the case. But what happens when you realize, after exploring all the possible exciting games, that you can be a real couple. Can a gang gang afford it? And a love like this is true love? A variety group commented on the success of “365 Days” with “Hot Garbage”. Many noted Morrone and Sieklucka. However, a movie like this in the “rainbow” years and MeToo’s armor should be ignored. But instead it goes great. Let’s ask ourselves why the debate is open.

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