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Line hockey, snipers are still victorious and first in the standings

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Civitavecchia – in Techno snipers They confirmed their lead with another convincing home win, this time against Roman castelli to 5-2 At the end of the sixth day of the National Second Division Championship.

Coach Gavazzi’s team with Luca Tranquili And Alessandro Davezi Due to the absence due to injury, it took a lot of effort to open the match: the guests responded to the initial lead of Libor to one 1-1 with which the first half of the match ended. However, in the second half comes the best physical form of Technault who manages to keep the pressure high and forcing leads to goals again. Libor, Cochino, Mandolfo and Mercury. The match ends 5-2 and the snipers are on their own at the top of the ranking With 15 points.

“It was a tough race, a tough one to open but we were good at it at keeping our focus from start to finish – Says President Valentini – If the match does not end with a greater score, that is also thanks to their goalkeeper, an excellent performer. Greetings to all the players: whoever was questioned answered for the time being, the defensive phase worked very well and there were also good plots in the attack. Now we have to continue like this, on Saturday we have a very important match in Viareggio.

gifts: Eugenia Pompanin, Tyler Lepore, Stefano Cuccino, Michelangelo Tranquili, Marco Stefani, Ravi Mercouri, Manlio Mandolfo, Riccardo Valentini, Alessio Galli, Emanuele Serrano, Davide Cicotti. Coach: Martina Gavazzi.

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(Photo by Maurilio Mandolfo)

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