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Line Hockey: Scomed Bomporto in the Senior Serie C Championship – SulPanaro

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BOMBORTO – The Serie C Senior National Championship kicks off on Sunday 21 November in Empoli, where Scomede di Bomporto will make his debut in collaboration with Invicta Modena.

The exchange of resources that will take place on the occasion of this partnership between the two clubs represents an additional understanding that has never failed over the many years of sporting cooperation.

For Scomed Bomporto – radicalized by the youth sector within everyone’s reach – it is now complete in the world of seniors, thanks to the wonderful sports facility that has been available for a few months, where the games that will be played at home will be played.

The teams participating in this tournament in addition to the Scomeds will be: Empoli, Imola, Civitavecchia, San Benedettes, Viareggio.

The appointment will be in Empoli, therefore, starting at 16.30 where the local team Scomed Bomporto will meet.

Scomed Bomborto assortment: Spatafora M Negro F Andreoli M Ballarin A Pilotto A Bergamini F Abdalmuti Orri T. Idrisowski Reem , Malara B. Melis R. Troncone M Zanella J.

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