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“Liceo per la Scienza” arrives in Gramsci

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Olbia. The conference is entitledScience high schoolThe speakers at the meeting will be the President of the Association of Surgeons and Dentists of Sassari, Dr. Nicola Addis, Dr. Giampaolo Schina, specialist in pulmonology, allergology and clinical immunology, and Dr. Giuseppe Mella, specialist in orthopedics. and traumatologist, Dr. Maddalena Lindini, Medical Director of the Transfusion Center at the ASL Hospital in Olbia.

The meeting will be attended by the Principal of the School, Prof. Salvatorica Enrica Scuderi. Two years after starting the “Biology with Biomedical Bending” course, which is recognized by the Ministry, the school, together with the doctors who collaborated on the project, is evaluating the course and thinking about future prospects. Third, fourth and fifth year biomedical students will also speak to tell their experience. At the end of the meeting, the Lions Club International of Olbia charity will award a scholarship to Gramsci High School students who have graduated in the academic year 2021/22 with honors. As part of the orientation activities, a representation of middle school students in the city is invited to participate.

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