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Atomic Heart on Xbox is the most played single player title after Hogwarts Legacy –

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Atomic heart and the Most played single player title on Xbox after Hogwarts Legacy: an extraordinary achievement for a post-Soviet shooter developed by Mundfish, which receives very positive feedback from users rather than critics.

Some reports say that Atomic Heart beats Hogwarts Legacy as the best launch of 2023 on Xbox, but waiting for official data, it is possible to find Quite popular game on the Microsoft platformnotes metrics and numbers expert Benji-Sales.

Actually, looking at a catalog Xbox Game Passof which Atomic Heart has been a part since day one, the title is currently at #2 in the rankings of the most popular games on the cloud, as well as #3 in both the PC and console game rankings.

In recent days we’ve been trying Atomic Heart on PC, to which we were surprised by its degree to improve and the ability to run at high frame rates with even the most advanced graphics, despite the guilty absence of ray tracing at launch.

As you know, the game puts us in command of an officer who is invited to watch the launch of a new neural network in Structure 3826, against the backdrop of an alternate 1955, but something goes wrong and all the androids start attacking the humans, allowing them to engage in a fierce battle for control of the garrison.

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