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Let the police be ashamed – Corriere.it

Let the police be ashamed – Corriere.it

It is a mystery that kept England in suspense for more than three weeks, but yesterday it came to a tragic conclusion. The body of Nicola Poli was found one kilometer from where her 45-year-old mother disappeared. While walking along the river. But the controversies continuebecause in the meantime I amThe issue became political. Between government intervention, criticism of the police, and attacks on the media.

Nicola leaves behind his partner of 44 years and two girls, aged nine and six. And yesterday the family issued an angry statement: “It grieves us,” they said, because one day we would have to explain to their daughters how “the press and members of the public” had alienated their father.. Family members condemned the “shameful” interventions by the media.

The facts go back to the morning of January 27, when Nikola disappeared into thin air While walking his dog along the River Weir in LancashirePolice were convinced from the start that the woman had ended up in the water and drowned, but no one seems convinced of this explanation. Certainly not the self-employed detectives who flocked from all over the country to help with the investigation (and ended up getting in the way, digging around the river and raiding abandoned houses): and certainly not the web-based conspiracy hordes, which spread the most outlandish theories online, with an eye on The role of Nicola’s partner and the couple’s relationships and finances.

It is precisely to deal with all this clamor – and accusations of incompetence in the face of a long unsolved case – that last Wednesday Lancashire Police held a press conference, to the astonishment of the general public. He revealed that Nicola was a “high risk” person with “significant drinking problems”. Because of her difficulties in managing the arrival of menopause.

The sudden exit of the police led to an outcry at the political level: the interior minister herself, Soella Braverman, intervened to ask the investigators for an explanation because they were “not entirely satisfied” with their motives, which aimed to put an end to the speculation. The line was later endorsed by the Prime Minister himself, Rishi Sunak.

From the first moment the police said to rule out suspicious circumstances or “third parties”. Searches were carried out using helicopters, underwater drones and sniffer dogs: until a team of expert divers joined in, who extended the sift into the open sea. Now one wonders how that could be a Finding the body by chance, a short distance from the place of disappearance, they were finally two passers-by, and the alarm sounded on Sunday morning.


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