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Parade in handcuffs in New York –

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New York – Donald Trump He aims to turn his indictment into a global live show. He allegedly told his advisors that he wanted his hands tied When he voluntarily appeared in a Manhattan courthouse. And he would add that, Even if he was hit in front of the building, he would become a “martyr.” And his victory in the presidential elections of 2024 will be guaranteed.

The grand jury, the 23-person jury who must decide whether there are grounds to indict the first former president in US history, has not yet expressed itself: Yesterday, he did not meet for unknown reasons, at the request of the Public Prosecution. Voting can take place today. Trump, who last Saturday predicted the impeachment on Tuesday, reposted an article from the right-wing network on Truth Social overnight. Fox Newsaccording to Attorney General Alvin Bragg may have changed his mind and no longer wanted to be charged. In short, the show is already in full swing.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Maggie Habermann last Sunday The New York Timesshe said to CNN that Trump was “extremely concerned” about a possible indictment related to payments made in 2016 to Stormy Daniels with fake bills and alleged campaign funds, in order to silence her over a sexual relationship a decade earlier. “Both may be true,” says Habermann. On the one hand, Trump believes that the indictment can help him politically … On the other hand, he does not want to face arrest: he must present himself, they will take his fingerprints, and he must ask for bail. None of this excites him.” But in recent days, Habermann herself writes, Trump concluded that if he had to submit to an arrest (which would consist of a photo of his face and fingerprints, before being immediately released), he might as well turn the event into a show. Instead of appearing to be a “loser” by logging in remotely or infiltrating the courthouse, which lawyers and intelligence agencies have suggested to him. His lawyers aren’t sure Trump fully understands the dangers of an indictment: One indictment could embolden others on more “serious” casessuch as trying to sabotage the result of the 2020 election in Atlanta or refusing to turn over classified documents at the end of term (there would be new evidence that he withheld them intentionally).

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Meanwhile, the former president plays golf at his ranch in Florida. One evening he threw a party choosing Rolling Stones songs and The Phantom of the Opera. They say he believed he could resolve events to his will: he has done so in the past, and has survived scandals that would sink any politician (As in 2016, when a ten-year-old’s video of him bragging about sexually assaulting women resurfaced.) Trump wants to be the star of the primary show again as he was in 2016. He does not need an indictment or the start of a trial (which will last months, if not more than a year) to turn the charges into an election weapon. He’s already raised $1.5 million in donations since Saturday, and Republicans have sided with him. But Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is not there and in an interview on Fox He positioned himself as an alternative businessman.

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