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Lessons from Canada, Qatar 2022: Three points to improve ahead of next World Cup

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Twenty Second Edition World Cup Football was coming to an end, and despite initial misgivings about socio-political rather than footballing issues, it was full of emotions and twists. Morocco to the semi-finals Qatar 2022 Harmful Portugal. However, it cannot be said that all national teams considered to be “underdogs” have experienced the same fairy tale at the start of each final stage of the World Cup: among them CanadaReturning to the most important and prestigious event for national football teams after 36 years, Qatar ended its experience prematurely, finishing last in Group F and consequently eliminated from the next stage. the world.

The elimination certainly couldn’t have made Canadian soccer players happy, but if the adage “all bad things come to silver” is true, the North American national team can rest assured because the experience Qatar 2022It will end with the finale ArgentinaFranceConsidering the next world championships scheduled for 2026 may prove fundamental in understanding what we need to work on. Canucks They will be one of the three host countries.

Mateo Kovacic

Canada, the World Cup is one thing…exactly

0 points, 2 goals scored and 7 goals conceded: these are the recorded numbers Canada In the group phase, a phase where the boys are coached by John Cattle breeder If I had to deal with it CroatiaProtagonist the world from Qatar 2022. The group that included the North American national team was very demanding, too Morocco And Belgium In addition to facing the aforementioned Balkan national team, it is banned due to the national team’s biggest weakness among the hosts at the next World Cup: inaccuracy. The latter made an impact from the debut match against Ai Red DevilsIt finished 1-0 in favor of Roberto’s men Martinez And it negatively marked the continuation of the captain’s Qatar experience Hutchinson And companions.

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challenge with Belgium (Resigned after being eliminated in the group stage) A vivid example of how a chance taken or missed can make a difference. World CupEnriched by the new record registered Argentina: The CanadaIn fact, 14 shots were attempted on target Courtois, managed to hit the target only 3 times, including a missed penalty, all of which were neutralized by the Belgian goalkeeper. Therefore, many actions that caused no target to the Canadians received, in addition to the damage, the humiliation that came with the target. Batshuayi After one of the few opportunities created Dibruin And guys, the authors of a match that was brilliant. On the other hand, you know, The the world It is a matter of precision and, if Davis And others who want to make a good impression in front of their home crowd within 4 years will have to look for it more determinedly.

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Canada, Qatar 2022 a defensive phase to forget

Tactical thinking Canada In this the world What was clear: play openly with everyone, focus on the imagination of his best players and sacrifice something for defense. A choice that certainly didn’t pay off, as he left early Qatar 2022Shattered the dreams of some stars including Can. The defense of the North Americans, in fact, created a lot of water (as a result, in the entire match, conceded 7 goals, as already written above) and did not compensate for the low resistance to the attacks of the opponents. Due to low accuracy, many scenarios.

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Abandoning the compact in favor of a larger attacking scheme, moreover, highlights the defenders’ lack of familiarity. Cattle breeder to do Qatar 2022This gave us another record in history of World CupFor top level football like European football and national teams Belgium, Croatia And MoroccoThose with capable players Modric, Dibruin And ZiyechDaily bread. None of the four holders Canada (Johnston, Victoria, Miller And Laria), on the other hand, plays in Europe, and this can only highlight the need for the Canadian staff to find a solution for the next World Championship, either by changing the way they play or trying to add national players. Panorama The team as possible in European football.

Alphonso Davies (Canada)
Alphonso Davies (Canada)

Canada, a sport that doesn’t let its stars shine

Alphonso Davis and Jonathan David Among the best talents the Canadian soccer scene has to offer, as well as the best young interpreters of their role in Europe, especially at left back. Bayern Monaco, He scored the first goal Canada In history World Cup. Despite writing an important page of history for his national team, the Bavarians’ arrow was never put down. Qatar 2022 In a situation that works best for their team: the number 19 of the German champions is, in fact, used as a winger in the national team, unlike what happens in the ranks of many European champions, in which the class of 2000 he has been playing as a full back for three years.

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Davis He is a soccer player who likes to attack space, start from the back, get the ball deep, then put it in the middle or finish in the net. While playing for i CanucksHowever, his game was different, that much was clear Qatar 2022Where it continues to enchant MacAllister: C.T Cattle breeder He always calls for him to get on the ball and support his teammates’ penetration, and this does nothing but highlight the limitations he has when it comes to operating as a winger. CroatiaCanada This is the greatest demonstration: Alphonso, even if the goal is temporary benefit Davis He lost too many balls that could have created dangerous restarts, which his team could not afford. A review of his role to make it work better is essential to give an entire country the confidence to cross the cycle in 4 years.

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