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“I want fruit and vegetables from Europe”: two European projects to promote fruit and vegetables to be launched in 2023

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Organizational representatives
Organizational representatives

Photo: Left to Right

Michele La Porta, President of OP Agritalia

Salvatore Pua, Commercial Director OP La Deliziosa

Emilio Ferrara, director of OP Terra Orti

Genaro Velardo, Director of OP AOA

Massimiliano del Cor, President of OP Meritia

Terra Orti is still chairing two new international projects funded by the European Community. From 2021 to today, Terra Orti can count on five projects promoted in collaboration with other producer companies and coordinated at each stage.

The European Commission has approved two more three-year information and promotion programmes “European Fruits and Vegetables: Your Fresh and Sustainable Choice!” provided by producer organizations acridalia, AOA, delicious, Meridian, Gardens.

Both schemes, created with the same objective of promoting the consumption of fruits and vegetables, are aimed at two different markets:

  • internal market With four different target countries: Italy, France, Spain and GermanyA continuation campaign of the annual program carried out in the same countries during the epidemic year 2021,
  • Non-European market with destination country Canada

This ad campaign is included in two other campaigns, “I love fruits and vegetables from Europe”. A project is underway Norway and Switzerland Always funded by the European Commission, and developed by producer organisations AOO extension. And Delicious And GardensAnother is in its second year England, Promoted by AOO extension. The fruit is delicious, Meridia and Terra Orti.

The Calendar Already rented out Media Activity and Specialty and Best Food Fair 2023 to do LondonThe UMAMI exhibition in Oslo And in many cases Zurich, will be enriched by the first cases of further projects approved with flying colors by the EU in 2023. Meanwhile, we will soon launch all multi-channel digital advertising activities located in all target countries to suit various needs. The analysis phase of each market’s needs emerged. Indeed, each country has such peculiarities – consumption and import dynamics – that require interventions tailored to their different levels of focus on freshness, safety and sustainability of fruits and vegetables.

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As for activities in countries, we will start exhibiting at the fair for the Italian market Tuto Food in Milan from 8 to 11 Maywith a press conference Rome And with many events DMED Mediterranean Food Fair 2023 is scheduled for May 26 to 28 in Paestum..

In the Spanish market, a press conference and special exhibition are planned in Madrid Fruit attraction in Madrid 2023.

Face-to-face operations in France, Germany and Canada will begin in 2024.

I love fruits and vegetables from Europe. I choose fresh and fair! The message of the campaign has now become a recognized international brand as a valuable promotional activity for European fruit and vegetables.

Growth, expansion and continuity of the Fruits and Vegetables I Love from Europe project – he demands Emilio Ferrara Lead Producer Organization Director and Project Coordinator – And with the continued enrichment of the participation of various producer organizations, It certainly reflects a model of integrated development towards internationalization that manages to place different skills, territories and productions in one system. It is an opportunity to promote various regional specialties and branded products, have a Critical conflict on the international scene, strong openness to promotion and development, impact on development policies of the fruit and vegetable sector beyond national borders”

For more information, we recommend visiting the multilingual site and Facebook and Instagram accounts of projects in various countries.

Various social hashtags are also important to make campaign messages easier to find:

#IloveFruit and VegFrom Europe



For more program information, write to: [email protected]

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