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Legnano football, Legnano entrepreneurship remains to watch

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A strong attitude is also needed to revive enthusiasm

Presentation of Lignano Calcio (3)Lignano – Let’s not talk about the stadium because the hope that we can return to the joy in the stands is postponed at least until next season, but we are still waiting to understand if and how the Lilac team will organize its participation in the Tournament of Excellence.

As for the community, the echo always seems to repeat the same words, endlessly: local entrepreneurship. SOS seems to be a plausible last chance, in a moment that is and is still being discussed, as the Legnano team is right, strong on a tour de force of 8 useful results under its belt that started on March 16, but nevertheless we have reached what we can determine in The later match of the season against Castellanzese (0-5) was lost disastrously by a wide margin.

The enthusiasm has died down for a while and it doesn’t seem possible to take advantage of that – at least for now – to stimulate interest in the team and a new following in purple colours. The question for local businessmen is becoming increasingly urgent: how long will we have to wait for them to step in to resolve – or at least attempt to resolve – a complex situation.

One also wonders at this point why this action has not been taken yet – not when it will be taken. What could restore luster to the fading football prestige of Legnano? What could motivate the will of someone from the local area to take matters into their own hands – if only to stay on the subject of Palio di Legnano – and relaunch the Legnano community?

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