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Ice skating rink at a hockey club or nobody

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After the municipal tender abandoned administration, the municipality asked the company for an extension. The assembly must decide in the next few hours. Pilati: “The climate of tension in the city is the reason”

It all depends on the decisions of the Madesimo Hockey Club. It is likely that the final decision of the association will arrive today regarding the request submitted by the municipality to extend the management of the sports center and the ice rink for another season, that is, until spring.

The subject was discussed intensely during the last meeting of the Municipal Council, and there was no shortage of harsh tones. Here he reported to the mayor that even the last notification for submission of expressions of interest, which arrived after the first call for tenders that had been abandoned, had not been successful: “At this point — he explained Daniela Pilati We just have to propose an extension to the former coaches, the hockey club, until next season and with the same conditions in which it has been managed until now.” Otherwise, there will be a new call for bids, with all the implications in terms of timing.

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But the High Commissioner’s decision has not yet been taken. On Thursday evening, the Syndicate Council held an apparently heated meeting, and the first meeting was yesterday with the municipal administration. There will be again today: “This situation is certainly to blame for us – explained the mayor – but people who have said they are interested in recent weeks have also noticed, in addition to the lack of time available for assessment, how the climate there in the country does not help ».

Clarification that minorities did not assimilate it: “The tender provides objective criteria and cannot be affected by the supposed climate prevailing in the country – he answered Lorenzo Demonte – Do not dump the responsibilities of minorities, which are only for the Military Council. The truth is, as we have always said, the terms of this bid were not attractive to anyone. Now we return to the hockey club that has been humiliated in recent months and whose members have been treated as incompetent.” Mayor Pilati disagrees: «We didn’t have anything to say about the technical management of the center by the hockey club – he explained – our confusion was in other aspects. I called on the High Commissioner’s Council to get help from some experts, but they rejected the proposal.”


Obviously, we are talking about the “commercial” part of management. Tension in the country over this issue remains high. The real danger lies in appearing at the beginning of the winter tourist season without a fitness room, wellness center and ice rink open to the public. This would be a huge blow to the image of the region at a time when everyone, and there is perhaps only reason to agree on this, considers it very difficult for a country that is at great risk of irreversible collapse.

On this point, the former mayor has left controversial spearheads in the minority since the end of September, Franco Massante“You have to take your own responsibilities. If the sports center is closed because of Sant’Ambrogio, or, worse, for Christmas, the management should figure out the consequences and go home.” That is, to resign.

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