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Laura Kempton’s killer discovered in USA after 42 years: It was one of the oldest cold houses in America

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One of America’s oldest cold cases, the 1981 murder of 23-year-old Laura Kempton in New Hampshire has been solved thanks to a genetic genealogy. This was announced by investigators who have been following the case for decades, according to ABC News.

It was the morning of September 28th when the young girl was discovered lifeless in her Portsmouth flat after a night out. An autopsy concluded that Laura died from blunt force trauma to the left side of the head. Evidence at the time revealed that the killer was a man, but the police, despite hundreds of suspects and suspects, have not been able to identify him, at least until today.

In 2022, the authorities re-analyze DNA samples from the crime scene using forensic genetic genealogy techniques and are finally able to find the man who killed Laura. His name was Ronnie James Lee, at the time of the crime he was 21 years old and died of a cocaine overdose in 2005 at the age of 45. The murder weapon was a glass bottle, according to what investigators have reconstructed, and before killing her, Lee also raped his victim.

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